Alfa assured that it had worked with Mario Pergolini: the driver’s reaction was surprising

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Days ago, after crossing Big Brother (Telephone, Monday to Friday at 10.15 pm), Walter “Alpha” Santiago He said several years ago he worked with Mario Pergolini “sell timeshares”.

Talking to the Teleshow website, the 61-year-old former attendee revealed: “My first job, believe it or not, was with Mario Pergolini selling timeshares. Ask her. We died laughing, we did nothing. I entered through the well-known newspaper’s famous job category notices that said ‘leave with newspaper under arm’”.

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The former participant in the reality show, during his stay inside the most famous house in the country, had also told of having studied theater with Georgina Barbarossa, of having made friends with Soledad Aquino, ex-wife of Marcelo Tinelli and of having conquered Laura Fidalgo, married Moria…

Mario Pergolini acknowledged having worked with Alfa in the past.  Catch TV.

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Mario Pergolini acknowledged having worked with Alfa in the past. Catch TV.

However, it later turned out that many of the things he said were not true. Especially when the anecdote included someone famous. But the truth is that Pergolini intervened in the last few hours and supported Alfa’s version.

In Damn, it’s going to be a beautiful day, his program in Vorterix, the driver told his version. “I have sold timeshares in a company. I was on Radio Continental at the time. At 16 I was already working in radio, but I didn’t have enough to live on and I sold a timeshare. I was working there at the time, according to Alfa” said Mario, emphasizing the statements of the former GH.

When asked if he knows Alfa personally, Mario said: “I understand that if”. And he recounted how he discovered he had been involved in the past with the quirky former GH attendee

“I was at my house over the weekend and Matías, my son, comes and says ‘do you know the Alfa?'” said the driver. And he revealed: “I don’t even remember my schoolmates, to give you an idea. The truth is that I don’t know who you are, I’m sorry, it’s a brain problem”.

Alpha, the most controversial participant of Big Brother.  Photo: Instagram

Alpha, the most controversial participant of Big Brother. Photo: Instagram

Later, a radio colleague showed him a photograph of the Big Brother participant when he was young to see if he could identify him and he fired: “I thought we were watching some 70s porn, ok, ok.”

“I didn’t even remember selling a timeshare, if this man didn’t carry it through…it wasn’t in my headit also gives the address where he went and was there,” said a surprised Pergolini, who did not keep the details of that phase of his life.

Sergio Lapegüe’s warning to Alfa, after inviting his daughter to tea

On the other hand, Alpha gave a note to Soon (TN) after what was his surprise entrance into the most famous house in the country.

And it was there that there was a funny crossover between Sergio Lapegüe and the former participant of the reality show. That’s the reporter and the driver he found out that Alfa wanted to win over his daughter, Mica Lapegüe, on a radio show.

“My girlfriend was strong,” the reporter launched between laughter recalling the episode in which Mica starred Biri Biri (República Z) when the former reality show player invited her to tea on a boat.

Sergio Lapegüe drew Alfa's attention for inviting his daughter to tea.

Sergio Lapegüe drew Alfa’s attention for inviting his daughter to tea.

“Eye! Here I am, huh” The journalist warned Walter, but always in a humorous tone.

Source: Clarin

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