The Edge anticipated U2’s next musical movements that bring him closer to AC/DC

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U2 guitarist The Edge has come out to say he and Bono are “eager” to release a new album featuring the guitar and confirmed the band will be playing the album Achtung Baby In Vegas.

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The guitarist of the band has given a new interview and as published New musical express, the group has “wealth of new material” as their next album Songs of surrender (on sale from next March 17th).

The Edge said rolling stones that the fans can expect new songs and according to Bono they will also compose “a loud, uncompromising and unreasonable guitar album”, but this is missing, in the “near future”.

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When? “As soon as possible”The Edge said. “We can’t wait and would love to get it out now, but we’ll take all the time we need to figure out when to release new material. I can only say that we’ve been busy and very inspired to create new stuff.”

The Edge has teased U2's future plans.

The Edge has teased U2’s future plans.

Let the guitar play very loud

When rolling stones When asked what he thinks “guitar album” means, The Edge said, “Personally, I feel the guitar is an instrument…not in terms of being loved and played by so many musicians around the world, both professional than amateurs, but in terms of its presence on the music charts in the the stream I think has been in the desert for a while lately.”

And he added: “Me myself I feel there is a resurgence of interest in the guitar. I feel it instinctively. I feel like luckily the sound of her is starting to filter through again and I feel like the time is right for that to happen.”

“I think it would be wonderful and very welcome for us to make music that is more guitar driven. This is the intention. This does not mean that we are becoming AC/DC, but we will find ways to use the tool in a new way as much as possible. He’s still my first love for me as an instrument.”

long live vegas

Bono and The Edge, the leaders of the Irish band U2.

Bono and The Edge, the leaders of the Irish band U2.

Elsewhere in the interview, The Edge confirmed that the Irish rockers’ upcoming “residence” at the stadium sphere msg of Las Vegas, will allow fans to hear them do the repertoire of Achtung Baby album from 1991, which will play in its entirety.

“I think let’s give ourselves freedom to play the songs in the order that feels right to us,” said the guitarist. “Obviously the best thing about this venue where we’re going to be playing is the ability to combine stunning visuals with audio. There is still a lot to deal with, but everything will be fine.”

the drummer Larry Mullen Jr. he will not be able to perform with the group in residence due to a back injury and will be replaced.

“Obviously, we will desperately miss our friend Larry. We are so sad that he can’t be there to get the drum stool… Forty years of working together, this is the first time this has happened!”.

will replace it bram van denberg40 years old, who plays in the Dutch pop-rock group krezip. The group led by Jacqueline Govaert, was founded in 1997 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Berg joined in 2004. They are an extremely popular band in his country, with five albums, of which Bram has played on three.

Source: Clarin

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