A year after the death of Gerardo Rozín, his family announced the farewell that the driver left written

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One year after the painful departure of Gerardo Rozín, who died on March 11, 2022 after battling an illness, his relatives remembered him on social media, where they published a message written by the driver a long time ago.

Elena AND Pedrothe children that the man from Rosario had, and their mothers, carmel barbarian AND Mariana Basaldpublished a text that the TV host wrote in April 2021, after the doctors communicated the diagnosis of his illness to him.

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In a post they have published on their Instagram accounts, they have shared a series of photos in which Rozín is seen at different times in her life, always smiling.

They published an emotional message written by Gerardo Rozín before his death.  Instagram.

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They published an emotional message written by Gerardo Rozín before his death. Instagram.

“Elena and Pedro, sons of Gerardo, together with their mothers Carmela and Mariana, We want to share this text today, one year after his death.”, they wrote on their Instagram accounts.

“Every day we think of Gerardo: his absence takes up a lot of space, but his memory is also true company. Anniversaries, however, also carry weight outside the family,” they acknowledged.

And they thanked them for the support and love they have received during all this time: “To all the people who loved him or appreciated the television he made, as well as thanking you for your support and love, We dedicate these lines that Gerardo wrote at the time of receiving the diagnosis”.

In the text, Gerardo recounts his emotions when he discovered he was ill, assures him that he will leave happy and remembers the people who have passed through his life.

It should be remembered that December 26 was the last time Gerardo was seen publicly when he said goodbye in the last broadcast of The Rock of Morphi (Telephone).

“It has been a very good year for us, it has to do with the professional but, in my case, and I don’t want to clarify anything else, also with the personal,” she said through tears at the time.

And he continued: “There is something that has been generated here that has been good for us and for the people who have gone through the pandemic, the sick, the dead, they look at us for a while because the music they felt was helping them”.

The complete text that Gerardo Rozín wrote before his death


Source: Clarin

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