Barby Franco told how her daughter’s health is evolving and revealed the support she has received from Graciela Báez Sosa

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Sarah teased the newborn daughter of Barbie Franco AND Fernando Burlando remains hospitalized in Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT) product of a urinary infection that has caused a bacterium.

According to Barbie in dialogue with the magazine faces, “Sarah is responding very well to the drug” but she will remain hospitalized “A few more days,” as Burlando announced hours ago when asked about his daughter’s health.

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“Being a two and a half month old baby very few people come to see her”added the model, and assured at the time that they were just “her sisters,” per dolphin AND Marythe lawyer’s eldest daughters, her mother and Graciela Báez Sosa, Fernando’s mother who “is fond of us”.

Fernando Báez Sosa's mother with Sarihta in her arms.  Faces of kindness

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Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother with Sarihta in her arms. Faces of kindness

“She came and put her to sleep, sang to her and Sarihta fell asleep in her arms”added Franco, while recounting that the mother of the young man murdered at Villa Gesell had also brought him a frame of Sarah which is placed next to that of the Virgo unties the knotswhich a friend gave him.

Sarah's picture frame given to her by Fernando Báez Sosa's mother.

Sarah’s picture frame given to her by Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother.

What happened to Sarah Burlando?

When asked by faces, Barbie Franco confirmed the information provided on Monday in intruders (America, 1.30 pm) on the reasons that led to the hospitalization of Sarihta, his eldest daughter.

In this sense, the model spoke a bacterium that caused a urinary infection in your daughter but she tried to bring peace of mind to all her followers by observing the evolution of her baby.

“For days the girl had a feverish picture. The fever hasn’t gone down. First they put her under observation. And then they found the diagnosis, which is ultimately a urinary tract infection,” she said. Gonzalo VasquezIntruder reporter when he tells the scoop.

Fernando Burlando and his daughter Sarah.  Photo: Instagram

Fernando Burlando and his daughter Sarah. Photo: Instagram

And he continued: «Because she was so small, she was hospitalized. She was going to stay here for a while to stabilize her situation, which no worries. But being so small and being operated on intravenously, I need to stay hospitalized.”

The professionals, as reported on the air by the cycle conducted by Flor de la Ve, they are giving you intravenous antibiotics cut as soon as possible with this image.

“We have at least another seven days left. He’s on an IV, but he’s getting better. You had us very worried “, acknowledged the lawyer in dialogue with scoop now this Monday afternoon.

It is worth noting that Sarah was hospitalized last Saturday and according to her family, she is expected to receive her Senior doctor only next weekend.

Graciela Báez’s close relationship with Sarah

Since her birth, Sarah was in permanent bond with Graciela Baez SosaFernando’s mother, who three years ago was beaten to death by a group of eight rugby players, as ascertained by the Justice a few weeks ago.

Graciela Sosa and Sarah Burlando.  Photo: Instagram.

Graciela Sosa and Sarah Burlando. Photo: Instagram.

Fernando Burlandothe child’s father, represented Fernando’s family in said trial, e BarbieLogically, she accompanied him at all times, which is why he established a close relationship with Graciela.

“Hi Aunt Greis! I know today was a very hard day but I want to tell you that I love you so much and thank you for letting me sleep hahaha…“Franco wrote in a post that he made his daughter with Graciela during the last day of the trial for Fernando’s crime.

Source: Clarin

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