Sergio Kun Agüero came out at the crossroads indignant at a rumor that he spent the night with Gianinna Maradona

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Actor Pepe Ochoa spoke on Thursday THEY (Americas, Monday to Friday at 20:00) a bombshell arrived from Punta del Este. According to the person in charge of managing the networks in the program, Sergio el Kun Agüero and Gianinna Maradona, Benjamin’s parents, had spent the night together in a room of the exclusive Enjoy hotel.

They were together in the same hotel. Sergio Agüero has been hired as the face of Casino Enjoy and I’m told he invited her. They used a service lift that no one uses and we confirmed that because they send us proof. She spent two days in the same room with him. And she didn’t go get her son“He shot without filters, which generated all kinds of speculation between Ángel de Brito and his panelists.

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Estefi Berardi read a message from Kun Agüero.  Television capture

Estefi Berardi read a message from Kun Agüero. Television capture

The scoop had a lot of rebound in various media that reproduced what had been told THEY. They even assumed it, so not only was it proven that Kun had been in a relationship with his ex, but also that He also jeopardized his relationship with Sofía Calzetti, his partner for more than three years.

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the next day inside very morning (Ciudad Magazine, Monday to Friday at 10am) Estefi BerardiOchoa’s partner in the cycle of America, He continued with the news… but to deny it.

Before the consultation of Carmen Barbieri, Estefi read a message from Kun Agüero himself on his cell phone, as he had sent him several questions. “Pepe said he has proof of it. That Kun went up and down his room while Gianinna stayed inside so as not to be seenBut Kun just sent me a message,” the speaker teased.

The word of Kun Aguero

Also Bernardi clarified that Agüero was still in a relationship with Sofía Calzetti and was quite angry at what was said. “She came a few weeks ago to bring me my son and nothing else,” she began to read. “She tells me it’s not like that. Because false information is given without asking what was the reason why Gianinna traveled. She went with her son, but this weekend it didn’t happen,” she added.

This weekend was always with her father and Gianinna was in Argentina for her niece’s birthday (Roma, daughter of Dalma) which was Sunday,” Estefi clarified, adding that Kun was angry about the problems that could bring him with Sofía Calzetti, his partner. “This hurts my partner and Benjamin and these things turn me on. Also, I’m playing tournament poker,” Gianinna’s ex told him.

Once Kun’s position was clarified, Carmen Barbieri asked her supervisor if he was the former footballer I was thinking of sending you an information letter to Pepe Ochoa (former friend of Fede Bal) or to the program hosted by panache angel.

“I don’t think he does anything because he’s cool and they haven’t shown anything on the show. He denies spending the night with Gianinna and confirms that he’s still with Sofía and I think that’s enough for him. Also both girls recently shared moments on Benjamin’s birthdayBerardi closed by referring to the fact that Agüero’s current partner and his ex get along.

Gianinna Maradona’s answer

Gianinna Maradona for his part, he also referred to the topic. She uploaded a story to her Instagram account, in which she has more than 1.2 million followers, solidifying her position.

Gianinna Maradona also referred to the matter on her Instagram account.

Gianinna Maradona also referred to the matter on her Instagram account.

“Be strong. Everything passes and settles down. I’m always here. Telling you to get used to it is accepting that I brought you to a shitty worldbut you go on and be happy, I’ll take care of the rest,” he wrote, over a photo of his son on a soccer field.

Source: Clarin

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