Dalma Maradona spoke openly with Gastón Pauls about Diego’s addictions

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The third season of free beings (Report, Friday at 10.00 pm) cycle led by Gaston Paulsstarted with everything. Dalma Maradona was the protagonist of the interview and opened her heart to such an extent that throughout the conversation he spoke of his father’s addictions and the consequences that this brought to the whole family.

At the start of the programme, Gastón thanked Dalma for being there. Then the driver admitted that “Of all the interviews I’ve done this one makes me nervousbecause there’s something emotional involved here and because in all these days I’ve talked to Diego and I’ve told him ‘Crazy, come with me on this too’”, he was sincere.

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For her part, Dalma replied that “I come here because I love you, your family and everyone. I feel it’s a place where I can feel calm and comfortable enough to talk.so calm down”, the interviewee reassures him.

Gastón Pauls and Dalma Maradona gave an emotional interview, with the subject of Diego's addictions as an axis.  to press

Gastón Pauls and Dalma Maradona gave an emotional interview, with the subject of Diego’s addictions as an axis. to press
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“I I’ve always made a great effort to be cleaneducated, good student, so measured in everything, that’s why I feel like I’m addicted to nothingand also because of the history I bring, I wouldn’t go close to anything that I know could generate an addiction”, he began by talking about the main theme of the cycle, which revolves around addictions.

In this context, Dalma explained it He grew up in a family where there was an addictive component: “I don’t have many records of myself in that sense, but I have many records of my father saying what I was doing at the time,” he explained.

How Diego’s addiction affected Dalma

“An anecdote that he tells and that’s why I tell it is that one time he was in the bathroom drinking and i was 3 or 4 and i knocked on the door and i didn’t stop until he had to throw it all away and come out and talk to me. And he told me: you were saving me like this “I didn’t know what he was doing, but I knew that until he came out I wouldn’t move from there”, Dalma said, excited.

Dalma recounted several anecdotes related to his father's relationship with cocaine.  Television capture

Dalma recounted several anecdotes related to his father’s relationship with cocaine. Television capture

“Another one I remember is when he did the ‘Sun without drugs’ campaign, which It was the first time he talked about how he started using drugs and what his life was like with respect to drugs.”recalled the eldest daughter of Ten.

I was very young, I was 6, 7 years old and I asked my mother and father if I could see the memo. My mother said NO, because it wasn’t a vocabulary for a girl of my age and my father said YES, ‘if she reads it and it comes out everywhere, my daughter can feel great next to me’”, he completed the anecdote .

Diego Maradona was once a guest of "Seres libres" where he said drugs shouldn

Diego Maradona was once a guest of “Seres libres” where he said drugs shouldn’t be used. Archive

As for whether she found out when her father was on drugs, Dalma said that “I never recorded a situation where I was like ‘oh, this has gotten ugly’, I haven’t had any bad moments with him thinking ‘ oh it was consuming’. He took great care of himself to look after me and my sister. My mother also took great care of us. I have records of seeing things about him and saying ‘he clearly wasn’t comfortable here.’”

“I scolded him more than it was, I understood by playing my game (God’s daughter). I have no record of him missing a birthday of mine. She said: “Dalma is the one who welcomes me, the one who challenges me, she already looks at me and I already know that I have to feel good”. I often feel like this was my role with him,” she explained of the relationship she had with her father.

“I felt like I stood up for him a lot but I don’t feel like a burden at all, and I still do. With his mistakes and failures I admire him more and more every day. Nobody comes to criticize him,” he added.

On what cocaine means in his life, he clarified that “When I heard the word cocaine as a girl, I got nervous. I didn’t know what to do and now there is nothing clearer that I want to keep her away, in my life and in the lives of the people who are close to me. I’m not curious to try it. It has to do with the story of my life, I’ve seen him suffer and fight against it, with all his weapons.

“Many people told me ‘you are not the mother’ but I felt that I could help him, I could take him out like no one else could take him out… it was me and my father for him to feel good he did anything. That was my role,” reflected the mother of Roma and Azul.

When he was first hospitalized in Switzerland and they said I died at 15, I decided to go out and say it was a lie…from there I took a role and realized that it was my turn and I did it”.

The incredible anecdote of Gastón Pauls with Diego Maradona

In another section of the speech Gastón Pauls told Dalma about an incredible situation he experienced with Diego Maradona and that paints the full-length star when it comes to helping the other with a problem they couldn’t solve on their own.

Gastón Pauls spoke many times with Diego Maradona about their cocaine addiction.  Television capture

Gastón Pauls spoke many times with Diego Maradona about their cocaine addiction. Television capture

“I haven’t used for many years but I had a relapse once and Agustina (Cherri) told Claudia (Villafañe) and Claudia told Diego, The phone rings and I see it was Diego and he starts complaining to me: ‘LPQTP, you’re a forro’, he teases me for a while and says a phrase that seems to me Diego: ‘Look Gastón, I may not know what it meant to take a free kick, but I know drugs’”.

There was Diego as a boy and as a father. I had already lost mine and Diego was there to say ‘here I am'”, concluded the driver.

Then Dalma recounted a bad experience of her father with a psychologist. “Something very bad happened to him. When he started going to a psychologist, they published all the speeches. From then on it was often difficult for him to ask for help, the help he needed. Sometimes my mom could read it and help him and sometimes she couldn’t…he didn’t have a safe place where he could really talk about what was going to happen to him and nobody would know about it.”

“When I asked him about therapy, he told me what had happened to him: ‘I don’t believe in psychologists but if you want to go I’ll accompany you’. He was very much a slave to his words, many times he said he didn’t want to be an example of anything because he didn’t feel he could be,” commented Gianinna’s sister.

“I saw my father as a child in his bright parts. Already when he was big a ball appeared and his face lit up. Not even in a child have I seen it so clearly, an eternal child, from ‘having nothing to having everything’ and pursuing his dream of playing football… he always wanted to protect that child“Claudia’s eldest daughter reflected.

“There is a way out… and I want to thank you because once you asked him what Gianina and I were for him and he always hung up the medal to tell me “Dalma was the one who got me off drugs.” Well, with this I don’t have to explain anything else to anyone. Not even my relationship with him, because he explained in one sentence who I was to him,” Dalma summed up excitedly.

Far from regretting any experience with her father, Dalma acknowledged that “I would never have changed him for anything, with all that being his daughter implied and implied. I believe he would not have changed either being who he was and with things who went through it, drugs and know that you can come out of it with a lot of love and with a lot of commitment and sincerely, I saw him fight with everything he had“.

Gastón Pauls and Dalma Maradona spoke heart to heart.  Television capture

Gastón Pauls and Dalma Maradona spoke heart to heart. Television capture

Dalma’s anger at Diego’s death

Regarding her father’s death, she acknowledged that “I was very angry for two years and little. Because it has come out so many times that it is believed that this will never happen. I have never put him in God’s position at all. In fact, i made a comedy explaining why for me it wasn’t like that, but if I am very upset that I don’t have my father, because I miss him every day of my life“.

“I miss him every day but I feel him very present in my daughters, in the things that happen to me on a daily basis that I know that he is the one who is there. I have a very strong bond with him and I can never let him go, besides the fact that I miss him embrace it, that I can talk to my daughters,” she said.

“My freedom is to be able to say what I think. Be sure that the people around him who I didn’t like hate us, because it’s the best thing that can happen to me. I also feel that It’s a treasure he could never have, the freedom, the privacy that I have and he couldn’t haveDalma compared.

Dalma Maradona was moved in several passages of the conversation with Gastón Pauls.  Television capture

Dalma Maradona was moved in several passages of the conversation with Gastón Pauls. Television capture

I’m the first to say he was wrong. She marked him and farted him, she made him shit because she knew it worked for him », Gianinna’s sister explained.

Towards the end, and recalling her own childhood experience, Dalma stated that ‘If there’s a 6, 7, 8 year old girl behind a toilet and her father is inside, I would say to her: ‘Stay there, knock on the door and trust that what you are doing is doing him good, improve. I continued, don’t let your life go to this, but while you can help the other person you love with your whole life, do it.’

Source: Clarin

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