The former MasterChef participant pointed unfiltered against the program and assured that everything is armed

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A few days after the new edition of Master Chef Argentina (Telefe), which will have Wanda Nara as presenter, Luján Martínez Vidalformer participant of the reality show spoke on his social networks and unfiltered aimed against the format.

The woman who participated almost ten years ago, in the 2013 edition, and was a companion of Elba Rodríguez, shared a series of videos on her Twitter account. Tick ​​tock with serious charges.

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There he assured, among other things, that the program would be all armed, that Elba she was chosen as the winner of that edition presumably to avoid a trial and claimed she was eliminated because she was made to take a dish prematurely from the oven.

The truth is that Martínez Vidal was furious when he saw that all the episodes of the program in which he participated were found on a well-known platform, in his networks he assured that he didn’t charge for the use of his image and explained that since her contract expired years ago, she would air hidden details of the reality show.

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Luján Martínez Vidal participated in 2013. Captura TV.

Luján Martínez Vidal participated in 2013. Captura TV.

On Amazon there are all the episodes of MasterChef Argentina where I appeared, I’m unrecognizable because it’s been ten years,” Luján began in a video.

Then, he developed: “It’s very strong to watch for a lot of reasons, mostly because Now my contract is up and I can tell the whole truth and vent, write to us, do what I like”.

“How they mistreated me…”he remembered. She later said that on one occasion, while she was cooking souffles, she was asked to take them out of the oven so they would “go down” thus eliminating her from the contest.

“They told us ‘take off the soufflés now, we have to go show them to the jury’. I take out the soufflés and they say ‘ah, no, no, that’s it, 15 minutes left’. I had already baked them. If you know how to make souffles, you know they don’t wait, they go straight to the table,” she said.

And continued: “So good, it was all written so that of course my soufflé would go down, because I had to go to the elimination challenge that day. And of course I went to the knockout match that day and left.”

The former participant bet against MasterChef.  Tick ​​tock.

The former participant bet against MasterChef. Tick ​​tock.

“It’s on Amazon and I don’t get a peso… They sold the format and how they shit on us from above a bridge”, She said. “They had been able to use our image for 5 years, it was in 2013 that we started, reckoning to see if they fulfilled the contract,” she exposed in another video.

The cook’s statements generated reactions and comments of all kinds and she began answering questions from her followers.

When asked by one person who wanted to know if he knew before the program started that the competition was supposedly armed, Luján said no.

“Obviously we didn’t know this when we signed up. We started to find out as the program went on,” she said.

Martínez Vidal assured that everything is armed.  Tick ​​tock.

Martínez Vidal assured that everything is armed. Tick ​​tock.

He then made a strong statement and hinted that some attendees didn’t cook: “There were some people who didn’t know how to cook or didn’t cook and we came back from breaks and they had the dishes ready…”.

“They got help and some didn’t. Some of us have been modified to look like we’re laughing at a partner… If someone needs help or didn’t get there in time, and isn’t there to start on that chapter, they’ll get help,” she insisted.

another user of Tick ​​tock asked him why he won elba rodriguez and the influencers it was lapidary.

“There was a problem with Elba… in one challenge, one of the cooks took it off and mistreated it very badly and I think Elba won the podium there so he’s not suing, but I won’t say more for now, sorry,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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