After the death threat complaint, Marcelo Longobardi continues his battle with Radio Cnn in court

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the battle between Marcello Longobardi AND Radio Cnn it did not end with the journalist being removed from that medium to finalize his transfer to Radio Rivadavia. After accusing the station manager of leaving him, Marcello Gonzalezif present threatened with deathnow the case has come to Justice.

Last month, audio was released in which Longobardi told his collaborators that he was going through “very complex and very tortuous circumstances” in the radio owned by Guillermo Seita and the Brito family. In the same message he denounced an alleged “death threat” from González.

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“My idea is that everyone knows everything and we are all in line with the disasters that happened this week Marcelo González gangster and many matters that you have the right to know”, the journalist introduced the topic in his message.

And then, the bomb that announced his removal from the media: “I want to tell you the circumstances around this situation which are very complex and tortuous and which resulted from it, after a death threat that Marcelo González did to me, a few days ago I asked them to get me out of there”.

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Since that time the document of exchange of letters. On the one hand, the journalist who will begin his new cycle in Rivadavia on 27 March. On the other, the legal team of the Brito y Seita outlet, a political operator linked to Peronism -a former menemist official- and who today works with clients such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Juan Schiaretti, Omar Perotti and Ricardo Lorenzetti, among others.

“I have a little less filters, maybe it’s age. A lot has happened in my life and we will talk about it on the air next week. There are many things that I no longer keep”, Longobardi told Jonatan Viale last week, with whom he will once again share the schedule.

Longobardi – who for many years was the most listened to journalist on Argentine radio – lived in Miami, from where he broadcast on the Argentine franchise of CNN radio and also hosted a program for the CNN television network in Atlanta, aimed at Spanish audiences. public speaking. After the break from those programs, he will return to the radio with an early morning program to try to catch up.

Source: Clarin

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