Big Brother: Santiago Del Moro spoke, without turning around, of the arrest of Marcelo Corazza

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The start of today’s Monday broadcast of Big Brother (Telefe, at 10.30pm) was different from all previous galas. Its host, Santiago Del Moro, did not start by talking about the reality show or the protagonists or the competition but rather about a serious matter: the arrest of Marcelo Corazza, a member of the cycle’s production, in the context of the case he is investigating a gang accused of child abuse and corruption.

Del Moro had no half measures when speaking of the accusation against the producer employed by Telefe and winner of the first edition of Big Brotherin 2001. He forcefully demanded that Corazza receive “the worst of punishments” in the event that Justice found him guilty of such an aberrational crime.

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Santi began by recalling that Telefe had released a statement on what happened to Corazza, “channel operator for more than 20 years”. That official text from the broadcaster had been read shortly before on Telefe Noticias. But Del Moro preferred to speak about him in words.

Santiago Del Moro: "We are all in shock".  Catch TV.

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Santiago Del Moro: “We are all in shock”. Catch TV.

The charge brought against him is appalling. Del Moro said referring to Corazza. I demand absolute justice. AND In case I’m guilty, I ask for the worst punishment“.

Firmly, Del Moro stated, “I don’t have any kind of pious view on that crime.” And he continued: “Obviously, if a person is accused, he has every right to defend himself. But I have your same doubts, your same questions.”

And about his relationship with Corazza, he said: “In particular, I don’t know him, beyond a few crossroads here (in the studio). I was just asking the colleagues of the channel and they are shocked too, because (Corazza) is Been working here for many years”.

“He’s working on this show,” Santiago said, “as he’s worked on many shows on the channel. we are all in shock. With the same uncertainties you surely have on the other side.”

Then the driver explained: “I didn’t want to go out to read that cold statement. Obviously the company has to do it. But imagine that we have the same doubts as you and we want to wait for him to testify tomorrow”. “.” I have nothing more to say, “he added. He’s not someone I know very well“.

Santiago Del Moro: “I don’t have a pious view on this crime”

Finally, Santiago Del Moro collided with the versions that were circulating according to which Corazza would be “the cousin” that the protagonists of the reality talk about to refer to someone from the production with whom they dialogue in the confessional at a time when the presenter who is the voice official Big Brother is not available.

The great cousin is not Marcelo Corazzawho works here to locate people who come to see the program or when participants leave their homes and come here.”

Santiago Del Moro: "Not with the boys. Not yesterday, not today, not ever."  Catch TV.

Santiago Del Moro: “Not with the boys. Not yesterday, not today, not ever.” Catch TV.

“As this is a program that never stops, the voice of Big Brother has to take a break. (And in those moments) who speaks to the kids is a producer with a distorted voice. And the boys how do they hear a different sounding voice They call him ‘big cousin’. But Marcelo Corazza has nothing to do with the house. Yes, with this studio and yes with this channel for so long.”

“I put myself on behalf of all the comrades. What we ask, above all, is the word Justice. And not with boys. Not yesterday, not today, not ever. I have no mercy for that particular crime. We have nothing more to say. Now, simply, to start this gala,” concluded Santiago Del Moro.

Source: Clarin

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