The heartbreaking story of Tamara Paganini, after the arrest of Marcelo Corazza: “I don’t want to know more about him”

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Tamara Paganini, with whom he was friends Marcello Corazzatold in a heartbreaking story because he no longer doubts the winner of the first edition of Big Brother he is implicated in the proceeding for corruption of minors in which he is accused.

“This is true what I say, it happened to me yesterday. A lady approaches me and says ‘Are you Tamara? Marcelo Corazza’s friend?’ Yes, I tell her. She shows up and takes both my hands and he says to me: ‘My son was raped when he was six’. And I was speechless,” Paganini said through a video he uploaded to his Youtube channel.

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“The lady’s eyes filled with tears. And I saw that they had taken notes where they said I defended Marcelo Corazza. No, no. I’ve never defended him. I had the reaction to say ‘no, I don’t believe, I can’t believe it’. Here they will see a human being, not a product of the networks…”, Paganini clarified.

Marcelo Corazza, the winner of the first edition of the Big Brother reality show held in 2001, was arrested in a proceeding for corruption of minors.  TEL photo

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Marcelo Corazza, the winner of the first edition of the Big Brother reality show held in 2001, was arrested in a proceeding for corruption of minors. TEL photo

And he continued with his story: “I ended up having dinner with the lady and she briefly told me what her son had been through. And I felt like asking her forgiveness. Because while she was looking at me, I felt that she had seen on the internet that made her think I was defending pedophiles. And we gave each other a very nice hug when we said goodbye. A lot of strength. Today your son is grown up, he’s already an adult, but this never leaves his mother’s heart or his same heart.”

Then, he lashed out at Corazza, whose hand he definitively let go of after the serious accusations against him: “I can no longer doubt. In fact, I tell my friends. There’s already a face, because I can’t believe what they publish in the media, there’s already a face that tells me ‘she asked me for pictures when I was little’. And that’s how it is for me.”

“I don’t know if Marcelo Corazza did anything or not… But the mere fact of consuming child pornography… if he didn’t do it, he had twenty days left to do it, or ten years or ten hours. I don’t want to talk about Marcelo Corazza anymore. I just want to know for Justice what is happening … “, she concluded, visibly moved and pained.

What Tamara Paganini said as soon as the complaints against Marcelo Corazza began

Tamara Paganini, who played the final against Marcelo Corazza in the first edition of Big Brother, as soon as it became known of the reality producer’s arrest, she expressed herself on Instagram with a comment of support for her friend until then. “She’s in pain and I love it,” she said at the time.

But after a few days he resumed talking about the Corazza case and did so with a different perspective.

The strong intervention of Tamara Paganini.

The strong intervention of Tamara Paganini.

“If Marcelo did everything they say, a lot of grand pianos would fall on his head. And one would want him to rot in prison because I imagine very horrible things with minors. My head goes to hell, I imagine horrible things and I would like to wish him the same death, but a painful death,” he shot in a harrowing video that he uploaded to his Instagram account.

And he stated in the publication: “I do not put my hands on fire for anyone, nor do I accuse until justice proves whether what he says about Marcelo Corazza is true or not.”

Source: Clarin

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