Bad Bunny reaches the cover of Time magazine, which publishes a title in Spanish for the first time

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Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny has once again broken a milestone in the American entertainment industry by starring in a magazine cover Time in which, for the first time in its 100-year history, all text is in Spanish.

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Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, given name of most listened to artist on the Spotify music platform For the third year in a row, it graces the cover of the legendary magazine’s edition to be released next Friday, the outlet announced on Tuesday (March 28).

Dressed in black, with a white flower and gold jewelry, Bad Bunny appears on the titled cover Bad Bunny World along with the following artist quote: “I’ll do nothing else that pleases you.”

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Bad Bunny, when not, received an award, in this case a Grammy, last February.  AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Bad Bunny, when not, received an award, in this case a Grammy, last February. AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

The interview includes questions to the artist about his upbringing in Puerto Rico, fame, his success on Spotify, the results of his latest album and tour. A summer without youthe reggaeton movement, its historic presentation at the latest Grammys, politics and cinema.

Family first

Bad Bunny said he was the eldest of three brothers, grew up with his parents, was an altar boy and began his musical career at home by recording his first songs.

And it is at home where, despite the fame, every time he returns he feels “the same”, with his feet on the ground.

Outside that house the world maybe listens and talks about me, but in that house everything is the same, nothing has changed. My father doesn’t act in a new way or treat me in a new way“, he assured.

In addition to being the most listened to artist on Spotify, the album A summer without you was chosen in 2022 by Time and the magazine board as the album of the year.

As Bad Bunny said in the interview, these achievements stand out more than others, as their competition is now greater on music platforms.

“Now I compete with a million people. When I come up with something that same day, a thousand artists come out with songs. Twenty albums coming out in the same night. Not before, one, two or three albums came out. There was There’s not so much saturation in the music,” he said.

The disc A summer without you won the Best Urban Music Album category at the Grammys, where the singer also opened the awards by interpreting the song The blackoutmarking the first time a performer has sung in Spanish on said show.

In 2022, Bad Bunny also broke the tour’s earnings record, with 435 million dollars.

Also being the leading figure in the urban genre, Bad Bunny has ensured that “there’s always room and opportunity to talk a little bit about everything” on reggaeton records, not only street violence or drug trafficking, but also social issues.

and also politics

In addition to touching on wrestling and cinema, two of his great passions, the magazine asked Bad Bunny if the US government has failed the Puerto Rican people since the island is a Commonwealth of that country.

“I believe the government has failed Puerto Rico, it has failed the United States. Likewise, Puerto Rico has failed Puerto Rico. I believe all governments have failed their country at some point,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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