The moving reunion of Mora and Caramelo after the end of “Big Brother”

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Dogs Candy AND blue raspberrywhich were pets that entered the home of Big Brotherthey met again in Las Palmas Hostería Animal after the definition of the cycle won by Marcos Ginocchio.

In the early hours of Tuesday, moments after the man from Salta left the most famous house in the country for the last time, the production took Mora, the dog adopted by his cousin, to take care of her, like Caramelo, until the participant leaves isolation.

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Although Marcos had left the house with his suitcase and with the animal in his hands, when the young man was received by Robertito Funes Ugarte at the studio door, he no longer had the dog, which She was moved to an animal shelter until her adoption was confirmed.

The lights in the house went out and Marcos walked out the door with Morita.  Catch tv.

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The lights in the house went out and Marcos walked out the door with Morita. Catch tv.

The place that takes care of the puppies is called Las Palmas Hostería Animal and belongs to the veterinarian Gustavo González Marín, who also took care that the dogs entered the house in mid-February. And it was the same professional who He shared the images of the emotional reunion between Mora and Caramelo.

“Meeting Supervised by Uncle Pocho”the vet wrote next to the video in which the puppies are seen playing happily outdoors and under the watchful eye of another of the dogs in the shelter.

As happened with Romina Uhrig, who left the reality show a week ago, the production remained with Caramelo, the dog she had decided to adopt, for a few days, as Santiago del Moro explained in the broadcast, Mora will be at the vet until it is clear if the winner is fit to complete the adoption process.

A few days ago, a Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9:30 am), the puppies veterinarian explained the requirements that were evaluated to carry out the procedure for adopting Mora by Marcos.

The reunion of Mora and Carmelo.  Chirping.

The reunion of Mora and Carmelo. Chirping.

Among the requirements, it will be analyzed whether the home of the young man from Salta has a swimming pool with protection so that the animal is not at risk of drowning. Furthermore, the issue of children is contemplated, but unlike Romina, this will not have complications with the man from Salta, given that there are no minors in his house.

Marcos will also be consulted on the matter of Mora’s dietvaccinations and medicines in case of need.

The vet clarified that only if all this is in order will Marcos return to Salta con Morita.

Romina awaits her reunion with Caramelo

A week ago, during her first visit to The Big Brother Debate (Telefe), Romina Uhrig was asked where Caramelo was and at that moment she could only answer that she had been assisted by a team of professionals in a shelter, until when she to get back to her daily routine and go home.

“When I went to the plate with Camila, I asked the production if I could take it with me and they said no. But (after its elimination) they told me to take it with me. I knew he was going to go to the vet or take him out,” the former MP explained about his decision to date Caramelo.

But at that moment, the controversy also emerged on social media that pets should be adopted together. And not only that, the food company Nutribon, which was in the business of feeding the dogs, released a statement stressing that they want siblings to “stay together.”

Romina Uhrig with Caramelo, the puppy she has adopted.

Romina Uhrig with Caramelo, the puppy she has adopted.

The truth is that Del Moro has made it clear that there is no obligation to adopt the two together and that Romina, if she meets certain requirements, will be able to meet Caramelo again in the next few days.

“Now the vet has taken him (Caramelo) and they will make a responsible adoption with him. The two puppies have come into the house to be adopted. Obviously they could be together, or not”explained the cycle driver.

Source: Clarin

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