Gary Lineker and another victory against the British government: he won’t have to pay 4.9 million pounds to the exchequer

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The former England footballer and now star commentator for the BBC, Gary Linekerhe won the legal battle he had against the British taxman, who claimed £4.9 million (about $6 million).

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This was the amount the taxman had asked him for his hosting activity between 2013 and 2018, although he ultimately won’t have to pay it as the court admitted that Lineker was listed as an employee of the BBC and of BT Sports and not as self-employed, since there were contracts with those two channels.

“Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. I am delighted that justice has supported my position that I have not stopped paying any taxes”Lineker tweeted.

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But the prosecutor will appeal the ruling, a spokesman said.

Lineker had recently made headlines when he was removed from the program he has presented since 1999, ‘Match of the Day’, after criticizing on Twitter a Conservative government bill that seeks to stop migrants arriving across the Channel from seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, a project also denounced to the UN.

This decision by the BBC caused a wave of acclaim towards the former player and several collaborators of the chain refused to appear in the programmes.

Subsequently, the BBC reinstated Lineker, 62, the highest paid worker at the British public channel, who returned to present the program last weekend.

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Source: Clarin

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