Romina Uhrig’s anguish because Caramelo has not yet been delivered: “Why Marcos and not me?”

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After the definition of Big Brother (Telefe), there are still episodes of the reality show to sort out, but they’re off schedule. And one of them is what will happen blue raspberry AND Candythe two animals that entered the house and were respectively adopted by Romina Uhrig AND Marco Ginocchio.

Now, 10 days after his elimination, the former deputy has expressed all her anguish because she still could not bring Caramelo home, after the veterinarian in charge of looking after the pets had hinted that she did not have the requisites to adopt him officially responsible .

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And as if that weren’t enough, a photo has appeared in the last few hours that would further complicate Romina in her desire to adopt the puppy. It is that days ago Uhrig gathered with his friends, family and some former brothers in his luxurious country house and through the images that have been uploaded to the networks, it has been revealed that his pool is not safe and has no protection for pets.

Several network users questioned whether Romina Uhrig's pool had any protection for pet adoption.

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Several network users questioned whether Romina Uhrig’s pool had any protection for pet adoption.

“It has glass on one side, but not the other,” one Twitter user complained when he saw the images guests were uploading. The truth is that Romina has not yet received the dog and now fans of the program want Marcos to adopt both Mora and Caramelo and take them to Salta.

In a note that she delivered to Marisa Brel after the Final Debate of Big Brother, Romina, who finished fourth in the competition, expressed her anguish at this situation.

“We are waiting for Caramelo to be delivered to me,” she said with tears in her eyes. “Why haven’t they delivered it to you yet?” the reporter asked. “I don’t know why, I put everything they asked for in the pool. Here. It has all the glass. I’ll take care of it, we love it, I’ve been at home for a while.”

Romina Uhrig

Romina Uhrig

Then, Brel told him about the desire of the audience following the program that Marcos, the winner of the cycle, could adopt the two animals together so that they don’t suffer and stay together.

“I would take the two puppies,” Walter Festa’s ex-girlfriend said without hesitation. And she added: “Because they said Marcos had to take them, why not me? And why did they say Marcos? If I was always with them I got up with them, since they arrived I started getting up early, feeding them».

Marcos’ position on the possible adoption of Mora y Caramelo

In The Final Debate, Marcos Ginocchio opened his heart and said he wants to adopt Caramelo and Morita, the two puppies who entered the reality show. However, Romina has made it clear that she is not willing to give him the puppy. “I’ll die if they take it off,” Romina said on the show.

Marcos and Mora, the dog he adopted at the end of Big Brother.  Catch tv.

Marcos and Mora, the dog he adopted at the end of Big Brother. Catch tv.

However, the man from Salta made it clear that he will make the sacrifice of leaving Mora to him too so as not to separate the dogs, which is his greatest desire. “I’d like to adopt them both, but in case Morita wanted she could be yours so they don’t separate,” said the cousin.

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