Juanita Tinelli sneaked into Buenos Aires and surprised Marcelo Tinelli a few hours after his birthday

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Marcello Tinelli he is living a good present at work: he has just announced his arrival american television as artistic director and has already announced that in July the Dancestarting at 10 pm, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, on the aforementioned channel.

However, not everything is work in the life of the famous pilot. It is that, as he himself makes clear on every occasion that he can, his family and their childrenAbove all, they form the pillar of his life and his greatest refuge to deal with every change he encounters, just as they did when he separated from Guillermina Valdeshis latest partner.

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The truth is, a few hours from his 63rd birthday, Marcelo received a very special surprise: his youngest daughter, Juanawho lives Paris Because of her modeling career, she secretly traveled to Buenos Aires and surprised her father.

Juanita Tinelli, before surprising her father.  Video capture.

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Juanita Tinelli, before surprising her father. Video capture.

“Well, now Juani is going, terrible, come down from France, from Paris, to wake up Marcelo. This is iconic!”is heard Luciano el Tiricousin of the driver, he claims in the video that the latter uploaded to his Instagram account to show the precise moment Juana surprised him.

In the video you can see how Micaela’s sister Candelaria, Francisco and Lolo go to their father’s bedroom and knock on his door. So this asks ‘who is it?’ and she answers him: “Dad”. “Yes, who is he?” repeats the driver, visibly perplexed.

soon after, Tinelli opens the door to his room and melts into a tender embrace with Juanita.

“What are you doing here? Hello my love, how nice. Just yesterday they asked me and I said ‘it doesn’t arrive’. I missed you. What a nice surprise!”he said into her ear.

“And if something was missing to complete this immense happiness I have, it is that I returned from Paris, as a surprise for my birthday @juanittinelli1”expressed Marcelo in the post he uploaded to his Instagram account, where he is followed by almost 10 million users.

The tender embrace of Marcelo and Juanita Tinelli.  Video capture.

The tender embrace of Marcelo and Juanita Tinelli. Video capture.

“How I missed her. I nearly died when he woke me up this morning. I died of love. @lucianotirri was there to record it unique moment. I love you my Juani, my beautiful Pebe. I will spend my birthday here with my 5 children. I can not believe it”added the new artistic director of América TV in said publication.

“I missed you so much. I love you”, Juanita replied in the comments of that video. “What a nice meeting!!! @juanittinelli1. We missed you so much around here!!! Perfect birthday for @marcellotinelli. All together, “wrote, for his part, El Tirri.

Lourdes Sánchez, Pablo “El Chato” Prada, Iliana Calabró, Paula Chaves, Diego Korol, Nazarena Di Serio, Anto Macchi, Dallys Ferreira and Fernanda Vives, among others, were some of the Celebrities who reacted to Marcelo’s postwhose birthday is April 1st.

On her Instagram, Juanita also shared a video of the moment she was reunited with her friends. And when she reposted the video her dad uploaded, she enthusiastically added: “How lucky I am and how much I’ve missed you.”

Juanita Tinelli’s trip to Paris

Juanita Tinelli she moved to Paris, France in February this year to develop her modeling career and broaden her horizons. Her debut on the French capital’s catwalks was during Paris Fashion Week, which began on February 27 and ended on March 7.

Juanita Tinelli at the Noir Kei Ninomiya show at Paris Fashion Week.  Photo: Instagram

Juanita Tinelli at the Noir Kei Ninomiya show at Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Instagram

“How excited I am to see you walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week beautiful and beloved Juani. A big dream has come true for you. And wearing Ninomiya’s clothes is great. I love you and admire you,” wrote the historic presenter of Show match in their networks after the debut of their daughter.

Source: Clarin

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