Kun Agüero recorded a message for his followers after suffering “a mini arrhythmia” live: “I’m still here”

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There was a tense moment Wednesday night during a Twitch Live with Sergio Kun Aguero and the Spanish Plains of the Ibai, one of the most popular Spanish-language content creators. The former Independiente and Manchester City, among other teams, have scared all the fans and the influencer himself.

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I think I have a mini arrhythmia“, were Agüero’s words after remaining silent for a few seconds as he touched his heart. Then he took his pulse and checked his cell phone to see if the application of the chip that had been placed on him after the arrhythmia that kept him away from football in 2021 allowed him to report something on the situation, but after a few moments everything returned to the course he had maintained as if nothing had happened.

This morning, to clarify any doubts, Kun himself uploaded a video to his networks in which he thanked people for their concern but insisted that nothing serious had happened.

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“Many are already asking me how I’m doing, but don’t worry. It was stupid (SIC), so everything is fine. The doctors told me that everything is fine and that there are no problems.‘ commented the City idol.

And to close, between a laugh and another, he added a part of the classic humor that characterizes him: “Don’t worry, I’m still here.“.

Agüero’s relationship with Ibai

El Kun met Ibai during the pandemic while they were playing video games online, and their bond has grown ever closer ever since. Related to this, the former footballer caught him by surprise, together with the Argentine streamer Coscu, at a dinner that Lionel Messi organized to say goodbye to the Catalan club, following the news that the Argentina national team captain would leave the Catalan club. city.

In addition, he has strengthened his relationship in recent times by coinciding with the Kings League, the league that Ibai created together with Gerard Piqué and in which Agüero participates with his team, Kunisports.

Even during the live show they did yesterday, Ibai was worried about Agüero’s health. “Do you want us to go to a doctor?” he commented in Spanish to Kun as silence and suspense reigned over the stream.

Source: Clarin

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