Jeremy Renner, in tears in his first interview after the accident: “I chose to survive”

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The last few months have not been easy for Jeremy Renner, who suffered a spectacular accident, crushed by a snowplow while trying to rescue his nephew, on December 31, 2022.

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Jeremy Renner was swallowed by the car, with thirty bones broken and bedridden. However, with patience and a strenuous recovery, she is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He has already managed to walk, albeit with the help of an anti-gravity machine that makes him the protagonist Hawk eye (Hawk Eye) use only a small percentage of your body weight.

After recovering some mobility, the actor decided to give his first interview to a media, in which Renner tells how do you remember that tragic day.

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Jeremy Renner, all

Jeremy Renner, at the hospital. The ‘Hawkeye’ actor is starting to recover. Reuters photo

In a preview of his conversation with ABC News, Renner says so “Remember every moment of the accident” and also the pain he felt at that moment. He and his nephew were cleaning the snow blower when suddenly the machine started to skid on the surface of the ground, prompting the actor to get off save your relative’s lifewhich was in front of the vehicle.

His nephew escaped unharmed, but he didn’t. He was buried for 13 minutes by the snowplow and ended up with thirty broken bones. “I chose to survive,” she says. In recent months you have undergone several operations and have had to face a tough rehabilitation.

He would come back to save his nephew

in advance ABC News, her nephew recalls that “there was a pool of blood around his head” and that she ran to him when she saw him. I thought I didn’t survive.

Jeremy Renner poses at the screening of the film

Jeremy Renner poses at the screening of the film ‘Hawkeye’ in November 2021 in London. Photo Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Renner does not regret what he did. for his nephew. “I would do it again,” she replied to reporter Diane Sawyer. When he hears his own emergency call, the actor is clear: “That’s the sound of someone dying.”

The Avengers star can’t help but get emotional when asked about his family.

In the preview of the interview we see images of various members who take care of him in the most delicate moments and he breaks down in tears when Sawyer reminds him of a fact of the accident: “In sign language, you said to your family: ‘ I am sorry'”. He replies “yes” and bursts into tears in front of the presenter. The full interview with Renner will air on April 6.

Focus on your recovery

Jeremy Renner, in rehab.  The actor shared the image on his social media

Jeremy Renner, in rehab. The actor shared the image on his social media

Renner is still recovering from his injuries after being released from the hospital a few weeks ago, according to what he himself posted on his social media. Every day protagonist of Hawk eye performs a tough routine to leave the wheelchair where are you moving at the moment.

Little by little she is getting it, as can be seen in one of her Instagram stories. There, he is seen inside an anti-gravity machine that allows the actor to walk again using only a small percentage of his body weight.

He hopes to get over his situation as soon as possible, although he doesn’t know when he will be able to return to work. For now she is content to follow the second season of the series in which she acts from home, Kingstown boss.

Source: Clarin

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