Russia presents its new doctrine: to eliminate the “dominance” of the West in the world

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In the midst of war in Ukraine, which keeps it isolated from the world, Russia has a “priority” remove the US “domain”. and Western countries and called itself a “civilization” that stands up for Russian-speaking people, according to its new foreign policy doctrine Posted this Friday.

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“Russia intends to pay priority attention to the elimination of vestiges of US rule and other hostile states in global affairs,” reads the document posted on the Kremlin’s website.

china and india

Russia has designated India and China as key partners, in a context of isolation from Western countries, according to this new foreign policy doctrine from Moscow, which also raises further development of links with Africa and Latin America.

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“The global deepening of ties and coordination with friendly power and development centers located on the Eurasian continent is of particular importance,” the document reads. posted on the Kremlin’s websitein a section dedicated to China and India.

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Source: Clarin

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