They report Guido Süller for sexual abuse, who went out to defend himself

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After complaints about child sexual abuse Against Marcelo Corazza and Jey Mammón, who are upsetting the world of entertainment, another strong accusation surprises public opinion. Is that a case brought against Guido Sueller a few months ago of course sexual abuse with carnal access against a child under the age of 17.

According to the criminal complaint filed on August 9 last year In the Functional Defense Unit of the Judicial Department of Zárate-CampanaOf Federico Carlo Acostawho is currently 22, the event occurred in 2017 when the media picked him up at an Escobar bus stop and drove him “to his home” in a private neighborhood of Ingeniero Maschwitz.

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“When I got to his house, he offered me alcohol and food. I started drinking and drinking. came and he began to caress me telling me that he could help me. Take advantage of the opportunity as I wanted to be an actor or a singer. I continued to drink alcohol until He told me if I wanted to be successful I had to sleep with him”says the brief presented by Acosta’s lawyer, Hugo López Carribero.

Guido Süller and Federico Carlos Acosta.  Photo: Instagram

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Guido Süller and Federico Carlos Acosta. Photo: Instagram

She continues: “That’s when she started taking off my clothes and petting me. I felt bad at that moment. I told him I didn’t want it to be like this, but he told me to relax, to let go. He kept taking off my clothes, he started touching my private parts. I resisted but I stayed tough because I thought that was the way to do it and apart from that I was afraid he would become violent”.

Also according to the account of the young man, who also gave his testimony in various media, Süller “performed him oral sex” and then asked him for sex. Meanwhile, their bond continued “four or five more meetings, where they always” had sex He is at home”.

Also, in his statement, the young man said that Silvia Süller’s brother he had offered him to work as a bachelor in his housewhere he had set up a gourmet space to entertain guests.

“I only worked for him for a few months, but he treated me very badly. He yelled at me, called me names, put me down, kept tips from customers“, can be read in the file.

Guido Süller and Federico Carlos Acosta with their lawyer.  Photo: file

Guido Süller and Federico Carlos Acosta with their lawyer. Photo: file

“He always told me that I was about to tell my parents that I was an alcoholic, that I was a cat, that I was selling myself for fame. This happened for a long time… I once told him what would happen if I made it public that he met me at 17 and he replied that he would kill me…”, expressed Federico.

Word of Guido Süller

When asked by clarionGuido Süller has denied all allegations of Federico Carlo Acostaas he did in August of last year, when the young man in question denounced him before the Justice.

“I have no problem showing my face like I always have because I have nothing to hide. There is no truth in anything that is said. This complaint scares me. It’s like last year and I don’t think (Acosta) will pass the psychological and psychiatric tests because they are all lies,” Guido began.

And he continued: “My lawyer is Dr. Gustavo D’Elía who is already with letters on the matter and I’m right. I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things. It’s not in my DNA. I am a calm and healthy person, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs. What I lack is love and I always look for it in the wrong people”.

Federico Acosta, the young man who denounced Guido Süller for aggravated sexual abuse.  Television capture

Federico Acosta, the young man who denounced Guido Süller for aggravated sexual abuse. Television capture

Furthermore, the media claimed that “the victim in this case is the older person and the offender, the younger”, and described the complainant as a person who “seeks fame and money through others and denounces without any evidence.”

When asked about the relationship she had with Federico, the media indicated: “This person was of legal age and there was no crime because everything had been agreed. We saw each other, we loved each other, at least from my side. I thought there was some love but no, it seems it was another interest.”

Finally, Guido assured that Federico contacted him after taking him to court, apologizing for having filed a “false” complaint with him. “He was seized with remorse and apologized to me. He told me it was all a lie and he made it up because I couldn’t help him in Big Brother. I have all these audios and have already passed them on to my lawyer,” the actor said.

Source: Clarin

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