The easy to prepare Indian recipe to activate hair growth and stop hair loss

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To have long and abundant hair, or stop hair loss, the solution is in an old man indian recipecheap and very easy to prepare.

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The lotion to activate the Hair growth


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– Half a cup of water.

– 1 medium leaf of aloe vera.

– Half a medium onion.

Stress affects hair loss Photo Shutterstock.

Stress affects hair loss Photo Shutterstock.


– Clean the aloe vera leaf, remove the thorns and remove the gel that is inside.

– Remove the last layer of onion and cut it into three parts.

– Blend the ingredients in a blender or mixer until you obtain a very homogeneous paste without lumps.

Aloe Vera has multiple cosmetic properties.

Aloe Vera has multiple cosmetic properties.

– Filter with a cloth to obtain a liquid solution.

– Put the contents in a container with an atomizer.


– Place the mixture directly on the roots and cover the head with a towel or shower cap.

– Leave to act for at least 30 minutes. Wash your hair in the usual way.

– For best results, it is recommended to perform the same procedure two to three times a week.

Habits to prevent hair loss

– Gently massage the scalp every day for at least 10 minutes.

– Increase the consumption of antioxidant foods.

– Perform a relaxation technique that prevents contractures and relieves stress.

– Avoid hairstyles that are too tight.

– Space out the use of the hair dryer and the iron.

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