Home Entertainment Yanina Latorre’s tough defense against Jey Mammón: “Nobody let go of your hand”

Yanina Latorre’s tough defense against Jey Mammón: “Nobody let go of your hand”

Yanina Latorre’s tough defense against Jey Mammón: “Nobody let go of your hand”

In her role as presenter in THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) in lieu panache angel During your holidays, Yanina Latorre made a very hard discharge before presenting snippets of the interview that George Rial made in jey mammon For Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 15:00), in which he spoke about the complaint made against him Luke Welcome for rape, when she was 14.

“I think he went from upset Jey to angry Jey. Threatening that reporters and other people in the media he knows would do the same thing. It would be nice if he said that if he cares about child abuse. I don’t think threatening gets you anywhere. Nobody let go of your hand, rather we are dealing with a very serious complaint from a child who denounces abuse at the age of 14″, began Latorre.

“Our duty, in addition to believing him, is to continue with the news. They are not talking about Jey Mammón, but about a boy who is you Juan, who was once with a 14-year-old boy. And what You have the detail of saying you want him to heal and hug him“He continued to respond to the points that Jey Mammón had touched on in the note with Rial, just before.

Yanina Latorre dedicated her editorial to Jey Mammón.  Television capture

Yanina Latorre dedicated her editorial to Jey Mammón. Television capture

“This guy is angrier than you today because He says when he was 14 you hugged him, kissed him, raped him and told him you wanted to help him heal. because you knew his life story. This is no way to heal a 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old. You were 32, not 20. That’s why I don’t understand why you threaten,” she said, angry at Jey’s position.

“Don’t say that they run one way or the other, because in this we all have to be on the side of the children. It is very important to take care of the children. And I want to tell you that when the complaint fell on you, you did not file the complaint or you went to mediation and let the process continue. Your lawyer Burlando asked for the prescription. And this was not given to you by a prosecutor, but you asked for itbecause it’s the way to escape,” he added.

Jey Mammón’s reaction on the day of the sentence

«And that day they gave you the recipe, you invited Burlando to the evening in the program you had on this channel. You had a galley, they hugged, partied and That day the sentence came out, you presented him as the best lawyer in the world, because he got you out of the biggest mess in the world. But whoever makes them pays for them,” said Yanina before presenting a tape of that moment.

Yanina Latorre defended Jey Mammón hard.  Television capture

Yanina Latorre defended Jey Mammón hard. Television capture

When they returned to the apartment, Yanina continued with her defense: “They saw him there. While they were celebrating, that same day Lucas received a statute of limitations on the lawsuit of a sexual abuse complaint at age 14. So don’t say you didn’t know anything, that you didn’t find out. You haven’t told anyone. If you had cared, you would have gone to testify and prove your innocence.”

“Today you also said that you are innocent and that you have proof. That the person who gave it to you, you have the name, surname, that the boy spoke to him and threatened him. Say it. Show it. If I were you instead of being angry in a note with Rial I would show proof. Because we can’t believe that you are like this. One day you are sad, another day you are hidden. I wish you were innocent, but you are not proving it,” Yanina challenged.

“It’s a shame because the truth is that I love Jey and I have loved him. But in this case I want to listen to Lucas. No one in the world can invent what Lucas is inventing. And above all, the truths he said in the other cases have already been verified, where the justice has proved him right», compared Latorre, referring to previous cases in which the justice ruled in favor of the accusations of Luke Welcome.

Source: Clarin


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