Delfina’s story reaches the balls that made River’s great goal possible at the Monumental

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the goal of Nacho Fernández it was a great goal. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Jose Paradelanor from the side of Nicholas DeLa Cruz. But above all, the Monumental I wouldn’t have screamed it without the reflexes of Dolphin Lombardireaches the balls in the game of River in view of Union. Why? Because it was she who gave the ball to the Uruguayan to take charge of the lineout.

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He was born in Bahía Blanca, he took his first steps Nice viewclub of his city in which She was the first girl to join an all-boys team. and play official matches in the Southern League. At the age of 11, he received a call from River to join the club, but he only accepted the offer when part of his family moved to Buenos Aires.

Against Unión, Lombardi was on the sideline ready to deliver the balls when the situation called for it. with the same concentration of Marcello Bielsa he shouted at Leonardo Pisculichi when I was sparring in the national team –“Pisculichi, get involved!”, she said, was more than careful and handed the ball to De La Cruz, before the Uruguayan asked. What followed was nothing less than the play with which River opened the scoring.

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Delfina, very attentive and involved in the game.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Delfina, very attentive and involved in the game. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

In my house nobody plays football. I started playing at school, during recess with my classmates. I got the confidence and I liked it, I played all through elementary school and started looking for a club,” Delfina said in 2019, after her father, a lawyer, managed to sign her for the Bahia club after a series of appeals.

He is now 17 years old, plays in the Reserve of Millionaire – last year’s champion – as an attacking midfielder or striker and is usually called up to the youth team: he already has goals with the Argentina shirt.

Delfina’s action in the match was similar to one that occurred on the Banfield pitch when the ball collector put the ball in for a corner and, on the run, Iván Moreno and Fabianesi took the lead in the corner for Roberto Colautti to score the goal. The same speed to collaborate from outside.

Source: Clarin

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