Karina La Princesita spoke about her courtship with Sergio Kun Agüero and was frank: “That period was very difficult”

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Karina the little princess gave an interview in which, with an open heart, he recalled the details of the relationship he had with Sergio Kun Aguerowith whom he was in a relationship for four years.

The singer spoke with Catherine Dlugi In wait Catalinathe program that the journalist leads on La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad and there she acknowledged that she had a bad time because of the comments of some people who had to do with her physical appearance and she assured that she felt very insecure.

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“People, based on professions, idealize”Karina began by saying in the radial cycle.

Karina and Kun when they were still a couple.

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Karina and Kun when they were still a couple.

Later, he developed, “They assumed that because Kun was a soccer player and made a lot of money, he deserved another partner, not someone like me who came from the neighborhood”.

“It’s stupid, but They imagined a model of 1.80, hyper thin and not a normal one like me“, held.

I suffered a lot, that period was very hard. I felt very insecure,” she explained.

“I have always told very naturally about the bullying I suffered and the violence I suffered at home”, argued the interpreter of with the same coin.

And he clarified: “We all have things, but the problem is not naturalizing them, because you may feel comfortable in places where you don’t have to be. You have to get used to the peace”.

The singer and the footballer separated in 2017 after four years of love.

The singer and the footballer separated in 2017 after four years of love.

“On occasions when I was wrong, I was sad, I had to publish and to tell how the gleam in my eye was”, recalled the artist, who parted with the footballer in 2017.

And he continued: “It’s not a trifle… e it is necessary to become aware. Talk about depression, heartache, anxiety in the media it is important because it makes visible that you have to work, have therapy and take care of yourself”.

It is not the first time that the idol of cumbia talks about these issues. In late January, after raising the concern of her fans due to cryptic messages she posted on her networks, the singer admitted that she had been suffering from depression for years.

Karina La Princesita assured that she suffers from depression

end of January Karina the little princess He opened up and assured that he was working on his mental health.

On her 37th birthday, the singer spoke to the reporter about THEY (America, Monday-Friday 8pm) and acknowledged it’s on its way “with a depression for many years”.

“For work reasons, I put it aside for many years and now I said: ‘I don’t want to be like this anymore,'” said the interpreter of lying heart.

Karina La Princesita has opened up about her struggle with depression.  Catch TV.

Karina La Princesita has opened up about her struggle with depression. Catch TV.

And he continued: “I have my times and I want to respect them. I feel good and I take care of things. I’m fine, but I’m going through something that happens to a lot of people. Suddenly I’m fine and suddenly not. You have to take care. Mental health is important.”

“I had depression. It hurts you to live. Sometimes I just wanted to sleep,” she recalled.

Then, he expanded: “I say this because there are many people who happen to him and they shouldn’t be ashamed. I was ashamed. But it felt good to tell it. It is not crazy to go to the psychologist or to be treated”.

Before concluding the interview, the former Polish player said that “everything is getting better now”. “I’m tired of making mistakes, you won’t notice until you click”discussion.

And he ruled: “I was tired of being bad. Loneliness is enhanced when you are bad. And even more so when I was surrounded by so many people for my work but I didn’t have trusted people, I felt like an object, I felt empty.”

Source: Clarin

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