Cate Blanchett, the Oscar-nominated actress, and her great performance in a music video

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California duo Sparks are putting the finishing touches to their upcoming album, due out in May. Title: The girl is crying into her milk You can already see it on video and it’s a single starring an incredible Cate Blanchett.

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On YouTube you can see the actress (Oscar nominee in 2023 for tar, even if he didn’t win) performing some jerky and vibrant dance moves, accompanying the American duo’s convulsive melody. We see her dressed like a David Byrne, a yellow duckling, moving her legs and arms with, shall we say, a “more than personal” style.

To all of this, the Mael brothers, Ronald and Russell appear cut out in the background of the scene. Saving distances, the clip recalls the theme of Fatboy Slim, Weapon of choiceWhere Christopher Walken appears more unforgettable than in dozens of films.

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In "Tár", Cate Blanchett is a conductor d

In “Tár”, Cate Blanchett is a disgraced conductor. Focus Photo, via AP

Fanatic, and it shows

Cate Blanchett couldn’t have found a better way to show just how much of a Sparks fan she is. To see her is to understand that she has reached a level of genius that no one knew existed.

By the way – catchy and funny – Mrs. Blanchett seems to have perfectly understood the duo’s musical universe, adding prestige and not at all subtle choreography.

Sparks continues to create music in a way that can’t be pigeonholed. Outside of genres, they are as unique as they are impressionable. Everything you see is near perfect: the simplicity of the clip, the irresistible song, a little irony and, of course, Cate’s dance moves. How not to adore this woman?

In a press release, the musicians commented on Blanchett’s involvement.

“We met Cate in Paris at the César Awards last year, unaware that a year later, one of the great actresses of our time, and a wonderful person! Would you kindly agree to lend your ass kicking skills in the first video of our new album, The girl is crying into her milk. Dreams come true. We’ll sleep tight tonight knowing we can forever say we’re going to be in a movie with Cate Blanchett.”

“When Cate first heard the song, she said: ‘I’m laughing and crying at the same time’, and I thought that was a very accurate commentary on this song,” Russell said in a recent interview with Varietywhere he explained that the video with the actress was shot after they met at a film festival.

His performance, a mystery

We didn’t even know he was going to dance. We told him ‘Come and watch our video.’ But dancing was what he wanted to do with that song. He also came with the red headphones that he appears in the shoot with,” she added.

Cate Blanchett won the BAFTA for Best Actress for the film "Tár".  Photo EFE

Cate Blanchett won the BAFTA for Best Actress for the film “Tár”. Photo EFE

Ronald, in turn, noted: “It has really taken on a character. The way she staged what she did to be firm on the verses and then hyper on the chorus was perfect for the song.”

Blanchett has spared no praise and said she’s a fan of the musicians’ sense of humor and the way they approach their work. The girl cries into her milk It will be out on May 26th. Of Island records. To present it, the duo will start a new tour in the same month.

Source: Clarin

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