Crude testimony on Antonio Gasalla’s complicated state of health: “He’s losing his memory”

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Antonio Gasalla he’s not having a good time. A month later the images of him mistreating a mobile worker from intruders (America, 1:30 p.m.), the humorist is back in the news. It is that according to what happened, two years ago he suffered “cognitive problems” which is why his family demanded legal control over his assets.

in the air of American breakfast (America, 10.30 am), Marcellus Polinowho has been the actor’s neighbor for more than 20 years, detailed his health and he denied the rumor who tried to install in the media that Antonio’s family “had abandoned him”.

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“He is going through a very complicated health moment. We are very close to him with his family because he has had cognitive problems for two years now”, began the well-known journalist.

And he continued: “I say this because the family has authorized me. Right now Justice is intervening to see how it can be protected because there are people who have entered his house taking advantage of the fact that he is not well”.

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Antonio Gasalla in one of his last public appearances.  Television capture

Antonio Gasalla in one of his last public appearances. Television capture

“Then they made him sign things there is an investigation that has been going on for almost a year and a little bit that the family is doing and I’m collaborating to build and take care of Antonio’s heritage. People who took advantage of this situation stole money, furniture“, Polino continued to reveal.

He added: “His housekeeper has decided to leave because of the things that were happening inside the house and the people have already been identified. At a certain point he wanted to establish that the family had abandoned him and far from itthe family lives three blocks away.”

Finally, Marcelo said that Antonio “is losing his memory” and that this A group of people who took advantage of his situation “he manipulated him and entered his house”something that about a year ago Miguel Ángel Pierri, the actor’s longtime lawyer and close friend of his family, had already anticipated.

Gasalla’s attack on a reporter of “Intrusi”: this was his last appearance on TV

In March of this year, the famous actor and comedian Antonio Gasalla he attacked the reporter intruders Gonzalo Vasquez, who found him walking on the public road and asked him about his state of health.

“Don’t break the eggs”, Gasalla answered, very angry. “But I don’t bother him…”, Vázquez tried to defend himself. To which Gasalla replied: “Fuck you, because I don’t want you to say stupid things to me.”

“But it’s our job…”, the reporter defended himself. However, Antonio didn’t give up. “If you’re going to work on this, go to your mother’s shell,” she insulted.

Also, the comedian he told Gonzalito to “go shit”. And very reluctantly he finished the note.

“The feeling was strange. I saw it differently. I always see him with a lot of respect, but I used to see him as not really caring what they would say. We were very respectful in taking note and he made the decision to respond in a very surprising way,” said the cellphone.

Source: Clarin

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