Flor Moyano fired on the net against several of his former colleagues from “The hotel of the famous”

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Days after breaking the silence THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm), where she explained in great detail several situations where she felt abused by John Martinwho was her partner The celebrity hotel (The Thirteen), moian flower He uploaded a thread to his Twitter account where She questioned many of her former colleagues harshly, because they didn’t support her.

Alike He thanked Damiano Avilathat he was the only one of the participants who publicly stated that he believed him.

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Thank you @damiavilaok for having the courage to tell what others deny. Because apparently “no one knew” but it was something that suited me and the way I could always tell about it. I love you!” was the first of her tweets.

Flor Moyano filed a rape complaint in court.  Photo: Movilpress

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Flor Moyano filed a rape complaint in court. Photo: Movilpress

And then he went against the others, without naming them. “How sad how dementia is faked, NO ONE knows, no one nothing, only after the release everyone finds out. Right after a criminal complaint, don’t you see things differently? Don’t you connect the dots yourself? Don’t you realize the situations you’ve normalized?” she wondered.

“How sad that as women we have so little empathy. This is a clear example of the macho mentality we have. It surprises me: ‘He never told me he raped me, as if it were something that is said in passing’. If someone tells you to cry over a situation, tell me you don’t realize it?” he reflected, certainly in response to Delfina Gerez Bosco, who publicly said something similar to what Flor Moyano questions.

“If you console that person when he is crying, you listen to him and without saying the word ‘rape’ they tell you that such a person pulled down his pajamas, climbed on them and it broke… situation? Just being older and with so much experience?”, he continued in his reasoning.

Juan Martino and Flor Moyano were a couple in "L

Juan Martino and Flor Moyano were a couple in “The Hotel of the Famous”.

“Someone explain to people who are so macho-minded and talk like nothing happened to abusers, it takes time to understand what happened to them, they don’t react, they talk HOW and WHEN they can,” he closed his thread.

Some time later, and given the repercussion of his publications, he added a new tweet explaining that “I don’t blame anyone. Hypocrisy makes me angry. It makes me angry to hear that people I trusted, opened me up, supported me, advised me and consoled, stay to the side and don’t get involved in a problem that unfortunately many women experience”.

The reference in this case has to do with the fact that several of her fellow contestants encouraged her to have sex with Juan Martino and put her itch aside.

Word of Delfina Gerez Bosco

A day ago, in the living room of Intruders (America, from Monday to Friday at 13:00) Delfina Gerez Bosco was a guest and was consulted on the complaint of Flor Moyano. “What has been said is that Juani had discomfort with another person, but I don’t know what he said”was the first thing he answered on the subject.

Delfina Gerez Bosco in The Hotel of the Famous.  Television capture

Delfina Gerez Bosco in The Hotel of the Famous. Television capture

“The only thing Flor did was talk to the people she was closest to, He never told me: ‘Juani raped me’… He never told me,” was her argument when she claimed she didn’t realize what was going on.

He also acknowledged that many have toyed with this type of situation to generate real-life content. “They even called me shit. Give some to Martín (Coggi). Give some Rocío (Marengo) to Damián Ávila… Everything was going to shit,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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