After Loud Crossover, Ángel de Brito Revealed Why He Separated Nancy Pazos From ‘LAM’

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Nancy Pazos AND panache angel They met on Twitter. And in the strong and unexpected question and answer, both told each other everything. What’s more: the driver of THEY (America, 20) revealed why he kicked her out of the cycle she leads.

It all started when de Brito shared a snippet of the interview that Pazos brought in Pablo Duggan Hard to tame (C5N, at 21:30). There, the speaker spoke about her colleagues Viviana Canosa and Laura Di Marco, who have been a trend in recent days due to the statements about Florencia Kirchner.

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the driver of THEY shared a clipping of that note on his Twitter account and added a quoted sentence as a direct quote. “Nancy Pazos on Canosa and her relationship with the president: ‘She is naughty, she imagined herself the First Lady,'” he wrote on the bird’s social network.

Ángel de Brito's tweet about Nancy Pazos.

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Ángel de Brito’s tweet about Nancy Pazos.

Quickly, the speaker of Barbarossa (Telefe, at 9:30) He quoted that tweet and made an ironic request to his former partner: “Don’t quote something I didn’t say, Angelito, if you have a shred of journalism left in your being.”

But the message of the former “angelita” did not stop there and continued: “And one of these days see if you can let yourself go, because since I stopped working with you, you call me almost daily. Do you miss me so much or do I upvote you?“.

Pazos' reply to De Brito.

Pazos’ reply to De Brito.

To that text, Pazos added different emoticons of faces crying with laughter and looking up to reinforce the irony with which he spoke to the driver.

However, far from remaining silent, Ángel explained: “I was amused that you talk about resentment for not being First Lady and that (Viviana) Canosa makes a political program (+Vivianaof LN+) and you are a member of the panel of Big Brother.

Ángel de Brito doubled his bet.

Ángel de Brito doubled his bet.

“Don’t rate, stop fab, you fool”De Brito responded directly to the irony of the speaker on Telefe’s successful reality show which ended at the end of March.

But the American pilot’s answer didn’t end there and, without filters, he revealed why Nancy Pazos separated from LAM. “Besides, I consider you a bad partner. You left nothing,” she said.

Ángel and the reason he kicked Nancy Pazos out of

Ángel and the reason he kicked Nancy Pazos out of ‘LAM’

Given this information, the Radio Mega reporter did not respond further, but Yanina Latorre’s partner continued. As he usually does on that social network, where he is followed by three and a half million people, shared support messages, with the addition of a personal comment.

“I’ll give you an assessment,” a tweeter told him ironically, due to what Pazos had said, to which the reporter called him “delusional”. Another user congratulated him: “I love your responses to this failure! Well done, little angel!“. To which the present work of the expanelist was asked: “What does he live on?”

"What does he live on?"  De Brito wondered about Pazos.

“What does he live on?” De Brito wondered about Pazos.

The dinner of Ángel y sus angelitas left by an enigmatic

Tuesday evening, after finishing the program, the conductor and the speakers of THEY They went to eat in a sushi restaurant in the Palermo district.

They attended the exit Ángel de Brito, Yanina Latorre, Marcela Feudale, Marixa Balli, Andrea Taboada, Nazarena Vélez, Estefanía Berardi and Pepe Ochoa.

The intimate dinner of the LAM team.  instagram

The intimate dinner of the LAM team. instagram

They all shared content from their social networks, took pictures and showed themselves chatting peacefully together with a striking clarification: “It’s not all about fighting.”

But an unexpected meeting surprised the journalists of America. In this regard, the driver tweeted: “The magnet we have for quilombo is awesome: an unexpected visitor has fallen at our table”.

Berardi told him about the enigmatic episode: “Nobody understood who he was… bah, almost nobody”. And without giving clues as to who they meant, Ángel told him, “Ask him tomorrow.”

To add further intrigue to the matter, the @elejercitodeLAM program account uploaded a video of Ángel and Yanina Latorre: “The moment they realized who he was.”

Source: Clarin

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