Fabián Doman and the reasons for his resignation from Independiente: threats, “there was no economic plan” and when everything broke down

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Independent burn. The resignation of Fabiano Doman it has further aggravated an institutional crisis which affects sport and which seems to have no end. Yesterday, after graffiti appeared threatening to “bullets for everyone“If the players of the Reds did not win the classic Sunday with Racing, at half past three in the afternoon the former driver of Intratables and Nosotros a la mañana decided to resign from the presidency of the Avellaneda club:”It was the way I found to let everyone know that the resources were lacking“, he claimed. “I went to Independiente because nobody went there,” he added. “I’ve never received any threats from Moyano,” he clarified.

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“My family didn’t know, between Sunday and Monday I received many threats through my cell phone. They left their number, we are working with the doctor (Fernando) Burlando, the security authorities asked me for copies and to be able to press charges,” Doman said last night at 12 when he opted not to tap and called TyC Sports to clarify the situation.

Though Doman clarified that his stepping aside has nothing to do with being intimidated: “To say that the resignation is due to threats would be a demagogic act on my part, I am zero demagogue, I resigned in a long letter in a world where no one reads. Yes, but there have been many causes, one multi-cause, some very rare and particular attacks in recent days on me on the net or in some media, the same texts have been seen in tweets and on the radio, the same…”, listed the former leader on his motivations, and returned to the intimidation: “I have a family, children, a partner, and they found out on TV, and I’m not the only leader who has received them.”

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This morning Doman spoke on DSports Radio, clarified that he had not received threats from Hugo Moyano and, despite being the president, denounced that the club “didn’t have an economic plan”. “I have never heard that the Pro had joined Independiente”, said the journalist who also revealed that he was able to pay his salaries thanks to a loan granted by the Kirchnerist Carlos Heller of Banco Credicoop, under the management of Cristian Ritondo.

“I said we could be forgiven for making mistakes in football but not in economics,” he said this morning. And last night he analyzed how the dance of the names of the coaches was managed: “They weren’t managed well, we didn’t manage it well. When you go to get a coach you have to have the new coach in your pocket. For an ethical question , which it seems we shouldn’t, we need to talk to another technician when the person in charge can change”.

When everything began to break down in Red

According to the now former president of the Reds, everything began to break down with the criminal complaint against Hugo Moyano: “We need to let time pass and I myself will be able to look, observe and analyze many things that have happened. I was very surprised at how little impact one of football’s biggest grievances against a former manager had.. If I were to search for an item I don’t have one, there were so many. I was surprised that the debate was whether the lawyer was a fan of Racingif the father was from Racing, if he was from Independiente and that’s where the time began… The day when the Board of Directors unanimously voted for the mandate to carry out the complaint against the previous management, it would be very unfair affirm that the commission cracked because it was unanimous, but yes to say that since that day, two weeks ago, time broke in Independiente. When the decision was made, it was made very quickly, no one doubted the cd and I’m sorry, even if I didn’t want to put it in the letter among many things I didn’t say so as not to add further anguish to the Independiente fan, who there everything collapsed.”

The question that worries the fans: can Independiente fail?

This Doman said about it: “The club cannot fail because we did a couple of things for the Verón case. I dealt with both the Verón case and the search for a coach. The Verón case is the worst thing that has happened to Independiente in the last seven or eight years, there is no dimension of gravity, because of the sentence, because of the people we believe are related to that sentence, it is very large, it is an iceberg As we speak, there are four lawyers working because tomorrow Verón will appeal will be filed with the Avellaneda labor court”

Source: Clarin

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