Scandal in MasterChef Uruguay: Maru Botana slapped a member of the jury

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The 4th edition of Masterchef celebrities The Uruguayan version had a rather questionable debut. The program is broadcast on Canale 10 of Montevideo and had Argentine presences: Maru Botana was invited to be part of the judging panel.

Participants are prominent personalities from music, sport and communication, who join a prominent jury composed of Sergio Puglia, Ximena Torres and Laurent Lainéwho take care of scoring and evaluating the dishes.

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The unusual situation occurred when they welcomed the fourth group of players, of which it consisted Nubel Cisneros, Daiana Abracinskas, Kenya Acosta and Pablo Robles. The indication for them was to cook something with meringue as a fundamental component.

Maru blew kisses to Laurent Lainé after slapping him across the face.  Television capture

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Maru blew kisses to Laurent Lainé after slapping him across the face. Television capture

That’s why on one side of the studio was a cake covered in meringue chips as an example of what they were supposed to do. It was then that Maru Botana, in charge of explaining the slogan to the participants, he took the cake and without further ado smashed it in Laurent Lainé’s facethe popular french chef.

The first reaction of the participants and those who were in the study was laughter. Inclusive Maru herself celebrated her attitude and laughed at what was happening. Even Lainé was not angry about the situation, but it was the viewers who reacted very badly on the programme’s social networks

“I did something that many would have liked to do in my place”, said Maru, justifying his attitude, bearing in mind that the French jury is one of the most demanding and is generally in a bad mood when he returns to the participants.

The general rejection of viewers

The repudiation of viewers was rife in the programme’s official Instagram account. “What happens to the production of the program!??? And to those who lend themselves to that nonsense… The unfortunate truth”; “I didn’t like what he did. It’s ridiculous, they should take it down”; “RUDE I DON’T LIKE IT”; “VERY UGLY ATTITUDE”.

“Very bad taste!!! Totally aggressive and inappropriate please!!!”; “It sounds awful to me when they do it on birthdays, but on TV???? Pathetic image for boys. He is 100% aggressive and on top of that he throws food“.

Laurent Lainé, the spicy French chef.  received a slap from Maru Botana.  Television capture

Laurent Lainé, the spicy French chef. received a slap from Maru Botana. Television capture

“I think the repudiation of viewers has been widespread! I didn’t like it and I really like loose hair”; “We’re not used to those cheesy jokes. Luckily we are different and this is the fear that gives me every day when we look alike”.

“I see what they say about us, for the Uruguayans. That slap was planned by the production. It doesn’t even occur to me to do it myself. It is terribly violent. It’s not funny. But, for “money dance money” and if the payer says it has to be done, he does it. A joke in bad taste.”

I don’t agree with the smack thing, I don’t see it well even today on birthdays. I’m not horrified as unfortunately I have seen this at several events. Well, I think it was already planned. Maybe it was done to give a different touch to the beginning of the programme,” were some of the comments.

Source: Clarin

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