Tomás Holder Cries After Learning He Will Be Part Of ‘Dancing 2023’

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Upon learning that he had been confirmed as the first participant of the dance 2023which will be seen on the American screen this year, Thomas Owner He recorded a video in the middle of an emotion-generated crying spell.

“I have no words of gratitude, I really have no words, I am dumb. Everything I’ve been through to get here, everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve endured,” he wrote alongside the images in which he can be seen with teary eyes.

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And he added: “Thanks to my friends for always being there, thanks to my mother for taking me out of the bad way, Thanks to my little brothers for always holding me tight, thanks to my old man for those long and profound speeches and thank you for never leaving me despite my mistakes. I love them”.

Tomás Holder's message after learning that he has been summoned.

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Tomás Holder’s message after learning that he has been summoned.

A few minutes before crying, Holder had recorded another video, in which he was able to talk a little more, still not fully overcome by emotion.

“They caught me in Córdoba. The truth is I’m super excited, I haven’t crashed yet, I can’t believe the gigantic opportunity Marcelo is giving me, the truth is unbelievable, Posts that I’m very excited about,” she said in that Instagram story she recorded.

And he closed: “More than anything for all the journey I’ve done, for how I started, knowing that I started with Tik Tok, that There was a lot of criticism in the beginning, a lot of people saying it wouldn’t help and look where we are today. I owe it to you too, I have goosebumps, mail”.

How Tomás Holder learned about the phone call

The media found out THEY (America, at 20). Is that before closing your program, panache angel announced that the former participant of Big Brotherwho was the first eliminated from the program, had been officially called up by Marcello Tinelli for him dance 2023.

Although Holder expressed surprise, confirmation was already very close. Indeed, his influencers he had recorded a video in which he set out to Jimena Baron as his partner in the race.

“What’s up, folks? How are you? Can’t wait to get in Dancebreak the trail with Marcelo and I would like my dancer to be Jimena BarónHe said it in a video shared by social networks of THEY.

Tomás Holder’s mother’s message for her son before the big news

Gisella Gordillothe mother of influencers, shared the message his son sent him upon learning that he had been summoned to the dance 2023 and wrote an emotional message.

“Mom, they confirmed me. They confirmed me! I’m shaking, look THEY Already. Go to THEYthe media was seen telling her mother in the capture that she herself went viral through her Instagram stories.

Message from Holder's mother and her response to seeing him.

Message from Holder’s mother and her response to seeing him.

Next to him, then, Gordillo added: “I’ve seen you grow, I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you laugh, I’ve seen you dream and move forward when many didn’t believe you would make a living with what makes you happy. I defended you tooth and nail because I always trusted you. I’m counting on every one of your dreams, son. We love you and your little brothers.”

After reading it, Holder was moved, shared the post and dedicated a few tender words to it: “I love you old lady, thank you for never letting go of my hand.”

Source: Clarin

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