The Argentines organize an escrache against Jey Mammón in Madrid: the famous person behind the call

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Finalist of the sixth edition of Big Brother, Emiliano Rafael Boscatto, used his goals to call an escrache against Jey Mammónwho lives in Madrid after being accused of sexually abusing Lucas Benvenuto when he was a minor.

The former “little brother”, who lives in the Spanish capital where he has been making a living as a porn actor in gay XXX movies for 8 years, has posted a harsh message on his Instagram account for the nearly 80,000 users who follow him.

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“With a group of Argentines we are preparing a public escrache for this fugitive”, reads the message that Boscatto shared on the aforementioned social network, accompanied by a fragment of THEY (America, Monday-Friday 8-10pm) chronicling the driver’s journey to that city.


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The former “Big Brother”, Emiliano Boscatto, has lived in Madrid for 8 years. Television capture

“Jey Mammón: Lonelier than ever, the worst moment of his life”, says the plinth in the Ángel de Brito program clipping that the former reality show participant has chosen to extend the call to Argentines residing in that country.

In addition to describing the driver as a fugitive, The man from Cordoba has made himself available to all who wish to participate in this mobilization to send them information about the day, time, and location of the meeting.


The ex “Big Brother”, Emiliano Boscatto, has called an escrache against Jey Mammón in Madrid.

In the following story, the actor shared a post from the newspaper clarion with a literal sentence from Jey’s complainant reading: “It was a 30 year old with a 14 year old. I don’t think it’s a relationship.”.


The ex “Big Brother”, Emiliano Boscatto, has called an escrache against Jey Mammón in Madrid.

In this sense, the finalist of Big Brother 2011 He promised in that same post: “Lucas, you are not alone… we will continue here for your fight.” He said this referring to the Argentines who are in the same city as the driver and who want him to know that he is not welcome.

The new life of Jey Mammón in Madrid

The driver has been living in a boutique hotel in the Chueca neighborhood for a week in the aforementioned Spanish city. He arrived there last Thursday, where he was approached by the press waiting for him outside the airport.

Jey Mammón upon his arrival in Madrid.  Television capture

Jey Mammón upon his arrival in Madrid. Television capture

Angelo DeBrito said on the program this Tuesday that Jey met the prestigious Argentinian actor Omar Calicchio think of a project to make theatre.

“They talked about the possibility of doing a musical. Jey wants to write a musical. And, of course, Omar, who is the king of musical comedy, will help him.”explained the driver of THEY.

“There, Jey is having a very quiet life —De Brito revealed on the driver’s life in Madrid— he’s clearing up a bit and the harassment in the media has decreased a bit”.

One of the images that Ángel de Brito showed of Jey Mammón.

One of the images that Ángel de Brito showed of Jey Mammón.

So, contact the rapporteur’s show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:30) Mariana Breyon the treatment he receives in Spain, Mammón said: “The Argentines here treat me with so much love, they say so many things”.

“Me in Spain, I try to keep my head elsewhere, but I know it’s hard to clear it”Jey also revealed to the aforementioned journalist the days he spends in the European capital.

“I’m trying to unplug. I swear I don’t want to think about anything right nowHe added on what is happening in Argentina with the controversial accusation against him for child sexual abuse.

Source: Clarin

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