Néstor Grindetti recounted how he learned of Fabián Doman’s departure from Independiente: “I took office two days ago and they’re already complaining about me”

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Néstor Grindetti, authorized mayor of Lanús and now president of Independiente, said As you learned in the last hours of Fabián Doman’s resignation, He said he understood it “from a human point of view”, but remarked that he had “complicated everything from a professional point of view”. Furthermore, he said that although he has been in charge of the club for two days, the fans are already insulting him.

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“From a human point of view, Doman’s decision can be understood, he judged that this was easier, after what was the club’s management overwhelmed him, beyond the fact that nothing has changed in terms of pressure” , said the leader of the PRO in the dialogue. with Radio Mitra.

But the criticism was not long in coming: “From the professional caused a problemFirst of all because it was such a shock that we had to rush to fix some things and then Repetto’s contract, who was to become the coach, was already paid.”

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In this sense he said that “the executive must put passion and fear aside and put it aside” and that club management “It’s for people who really take the lead and that you accept that the rules of the game are what they are.”

“In six months that hasn’t changed. We’ve only lost 5 or 6 games. That’s why it cost me an impromptu decision, which came out of nowhere. I came out of surgery and found out,” he said.

And he also revealed: “Today these days they’re complaining to me, when I assumed the presidency two days ago and addressed issues that I did not address. My old lady calls me and tells me she’s mad because they complain to me. I want the independent to win the eighth cup, but I take responsibility, I put my heart into it, I try to empathize with people and make decisions.”

Grindetti thus responded to the reasons given by Doman when he announced his farewell to the club. He also responded to criticism from the now former president, who said his vice president had promised an investment and it never came: “Doman believed this was just about getting Moyano out. But we owe America $6 million to a poor management of the previous management “You have to sit down to negotiate and close the matter. It’s not that someone arrives with a wheelbarrow of money, things aren’t handled like that, it’s thinking about part B of football.”

“We are putting together a trust, it takes time, we are running out,” he added.

Furthermore, he said he did not know if anyone paid Doman a salary to be president of Independiente, but clarified that there was no money for him from the institution’s coffers: “The club gave him absolutely nothing, none of us charge. I don’t know if anyone paid for it from outside. I’ve heard out there and I don’t know, it’s not officially from the club and it wouldn’t be nice if that happened.”

Leaving aside what happened with his running mate in the club’s elections, Grindetti clarified that he was aware that Independiente are “badly in the standings” of positions, close to relegation places, but assured that “there are many parties” and that they will get over it.

“Yesterday I saw the team towards the end with some flashes that didn’t arrive, but that there is raw material with a long-term project. We will move forward,” he predicted.

In this sense, he said he needs “a coach who the boys know is the definitive one” and that, although he cannot yet confirm who he will be, he aspires to “either manage in the classic or be in the box” with the leaders on Sunday against the Racing.

Source: Clarin

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