Claudio Caniggia surprised with a novelty on the relationship with his children Alexander and Charlotte

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After Mariana Nannihis ex-partner and mother of his three children, reported him for sexual abuse, Claudio Paolo Caniggia He spoke at the exit of the courts, about how the relationship with his family is.

Is that the “Bird” has been summoned by justice for the lawsuit it has with the media and this Friday he had to go to the legal medical corps to undergo some psychological tests. There the reporter of intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1pm) and didn’t hesitate to talk about his gift.

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“Everything is fine. I’m fine”began by saying the former footballer in the note that was seen in the cycle that leads Headquarters flower.

Caniggia spoke of the bond with the children.  Catch TV.

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Caniggia spoke of the bond with the children. Catch TV.

Next, Alessandro Guatti She asked him about his relationship with his children, especially with Alex and Charlotte, who have stated on more than one occasion that they have no relationship with their father.

“Relationship is Better”Claudio told of an alleged approach he had with the driver of El Trece, even if he didn’t add too many details.

“They taste the same. all three know who I am and how I behaved. But hey, it’s personal stuff,” he added.

“Do you think it was unfair, did it hurt you?”the journalist wanted to know, trying to have a longer interview with the protagonist.

Claudio Caniggia with Sofía Bonelli, his current partner.

Claudio Caniggia with Sofía Bonelli, his current partner.

“Of course it was unfair. He always hurts, of course he does”he answered without a filter, but measuring his words so as not to open new battle fronts with them.

Also, the former athlete he acknowledged that these issues affected his relationship with Sophia BonelliTigre’s model and English translator with whom he has been in a relationship since March 2019.

“Obviously all of that affects it,” said the former Argentina international.

Although he clarified: “But also, in a sense, sure strengthened the bond. And it hurt a lot to be attacked, she didn’t deserve it. But he’s fine, he’s strong.”

Mariana Nannis broke the silence and spoke about Claudio Paolo Caniggia

In early March, panache angel surprised by THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) and broadcast an audio recording in which Mariana Nannis broke her silence and spoke about her situation with her ex, Claudio Paul Caniggia, who He had started a sexual abuse trial.

“I appreciate your concern for my situation. But I prefer not to go on the air until this individual’s procedural situation is resolved, by Claudio Paolo Caniggia, the hitter. And the arrest,” she heard the media say at the time.

The signs that Mariana Nannis showed when she denounced Caniggia.

The signs that Mariana Nannis showed when she denounced Caniggia.

Then he greeted me: “Every day I swear to you that I ask God, all the saints, prosecutors and judges to bring about justice. It’s the only thing I ask, that they do justice. Let’s go step by step. Justice proceeds slowly but proceeds step by step. At some point in life justice is done because God exists. A thousand thanks”.

In that context, panache angelwho deals with the American cycle, explained that “there is one problem to solve which is sexual abuse. This is the most serious problem that Mariana has denounced among the various lawsuits that exist between them.”

Then he explained: “The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested the indictment of Claudio Paolo Caniggia for abuse. There are all the paperwork which is quite lengthy which is the prosecutor’s request and they will call Claudio to expand his statement next Tuesday, March 14th.”

“It’s a fairly long judicial process. I spoke several times privately with Caniggia when this topic came up and He told me it’s ridiculous, that it’s all a lie, that Mariana is crazy and that he invented many situations,” he stressed.

And he condemned: “This family with the separation broke up, all being adults. Alex and Charlotte have stopped talking to their dad and he said it’s been three years since his mom has even responded to him.”

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