Beatriz Olave spoke about the difficult moment her son Ulises Bueno is going through

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In the last hours Beatrice Olave, mother of well done Ulyssestalked to Juan Alberto Mateiko on the delicate moment that his son is going through, who a few days ago decided to abandon his musical career and recounted details on the health of Potro’s brother Rodrigo.

After the musician’s decision to retire from music indefinitely, Olave told how his son is now in dialogue with The movement of the night (Radio Miter Córdoba, Monday to Friday at 10pm).

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It is a decision made by Ulises in order to be happy in his life, after having worked so hard, 23 years on stage and today he needs to be a person like everyone else. His dream is to start a family, to have a woman by his side, to be with his daughter and what he needs most is love.” Beatrice assured.

well done Ulysses

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well done Ulysses

And the musician’s mother underlined: “From bus to bus, from unknown bed to bed, from stages to tables, every week his life would pass and he would not be able to find it”.

Finally, Olave said he was satisfied with the determination that his son had taken and showed him all his support: “He made a decision that seems to me the most correct, choosing to be an ordinary person rather than an exceptional one, to experience the simple things in life.”

The reasons for Ulises Bueno’s drastic decision

Ulises Bueno manager Ariel “Chicho” Cappozucca spoke during the week with intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1.30pm) and there he first referred to the musician’s decision to retire from music indefinitely after dealing with various health issues.

“He was very sick over the weekend. We went on holiday together a while ago and talked about it a lot. There are alarms and what happened was a straw that broke the glass, but we had already talked about it,” Ariel he said in a dialogue with Florence de la Ve.

Ulises Bueno is stepping away from music indefinitely.

Ulises Bueno is stepping away from music indefinitely.

As stated by Beatriz Olave, representative of Ulises, she ensures that the musician’s decision, in addition to taking care of his health, is to take back aspects of his life that lead him to have healthier habits: “He wants to have another kind of life. He wants to go to bed early on a Saturday night or go to the movies on a Saturday night and he can’t do it.”

“The life of an artist is getting on a bondi on Thursday, arriving in a city, staying in a hotel until show time, playing, getting off and returning to his city. He spends more time on the bondi than on stage,” Cappozuca said assured Bueno’s extreme routines and habits he intends to change for his life.

In addition, Ulises’ representative referred to the subject of addictions, which the musician has been struggling to get out of for many years. “It’s something you struggle with constantly. Today, he is a totally different person who is prioritizing his life. Who wants a normal life. He is a person who on a normal day goes to bed at 11pm and gets up at 8am”.

Although he finally clarified the real reason for his departure from music: “It has nothing to do with addictions, it’s because of his daily life. He wants to go skiing for a weekend like all of us. He wants to enjoy life ”.

Source: Clarin

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