The hot crossing of Turco García with a player representative during the classic of the Reserve in Avellaneda

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Racing beat Independiente 1-0 in the Riserva classic, but not everything was a party in the stands of the Cilindro. over there, Claudius “the Turk” Garciaa former player and one of the club’s idols, he had a strong confrontation with representative Martín Sendoa and what started with insults ended in a crossing of hands.

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The unexpected discussion occurred during the game and was caught by one of the people who was present and uploaded the video to social networks. Here, you see that the Turkishwho works as a player recruiter for the Academyscolds Sendoa, who represents several young people, such as Gonzalo Sosa.

Surrounded by other people who try to prevent him from getting close to who was Enzo Copetti’s agent, García accuses him among insults of “doing business with players”. “Take It From Here”the ex-footballer yells at him.

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Sendoa, also accompanied by friends who enter to prevent the rapprochement between the two, responds with more insults in a heated confrontation that does not go beyond the dialectic in the 45 seconds that can be seen on Twitter.

However, as Clarín was able to discover, there was a crossing of hands between García and Sendoa, who have known each other for a long time even if they had never experienced a similar episode before.

In the corridors of the Cylinder it is circulated that the representative is a bad influence on the boys. For this reason, apparently, the Turk does not want to see him at Tita Mattiussi’s property or at the Cilindro and his presence on Friday would have motivated the former player’s fever.

The Riserva classic went to Racing

In sports, waiting for Sunday’s classic at 16:30 in the Libertadores de América – Ricardo Enrique Bochini, in the Reserve Emiliano Saliadarre scored the 1-0 for Racing, which has seven consecutive victories and has been close to the top. Independiente pay dearly for a mistake in restarting from the back at the end of the first half and are unable to recover.

Source: Clarin

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