New audios that Lucas Benvenuto sent to Jey Mammón have been leaked: the driver plans to present them in court

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In show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10:30) showed the evidence that Jey Mammón reportedly presented in court to prove his innocence against the complaint of abuse that weighs against him. I am These are audios and conversations she had with Lucas Benvenuto in the past.

In the first material published in the cycle hosted by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, Lucas said: “I am more stupid and you are more hungry, Jey, I just read, what an idiot I am, it doesn’t matter anyway, I have every night free for you.”

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Later, the current complainant told Mammón: “Regarding the sparkling wine (for the work Champagne makes them mimosaswhere Jey acted), I don’t know whether to watch the show, because I’m not a theater fan, but I’m your fan, don’t forget I’m your first admirer, from the party GHI don’t remember, I also forgot the name of the parties you had”.

Lucas Benvenuto's audio that Jey Mammón will use to defend himself against the accusations against him.  Catch TV.

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Lucas Benvenuto’s audio that Jey Mammón will use to defend himself against the accusations against him. Catch TV.

“Anyway, I want to see you, that’s what I love the most, I’d like to see you in action, I want to see you do what you like best and I would like you to tell me how, if I have to collect the ticket or if Jey approaches me so I can see you, fine. If not, I have no problem, I’m going to get it out, but I want to see you,” Lucas asked the actor in the audio he sent him in 2016.

In another of the recordings they played on the entertainment program, the complainant specified the bond that united them: “Of course we’ll see each other first, I don’t want to go directly without seeing you first… and yes, the two of us are already used to hanging ourselves, that’s why what happens to us happens to us, we are both a bit hung up and understand each other“.

In the end, Benvenuto assured Jey, amidst laughter: “I want to see you first, I want to shower you with kisses, I want to make love to you, I want you to give me my chain and I want to go see you at the theaterI want to see you do what you like best.”

Then the cycle riders showed chats of the artist with Lucas in which the now complainant reveals the age she presumably was when they met.

The chats of Jey Mammón and Lucas Welcome.  Television capture

The chats of Jey Mammón and Lucas Welcome. Television capture

Circumstances were different, my life changed a lot, Jey, I’m not 16 anymore like when you met me… everything has changed, man, I’m 23 now,” the young man explained in that conversation.

Furthermore, in that exchange which they kept in writing, the complainant now confesses to the plaintiff: “That doesn’t mean that I always think about you and want to see you from time to time, now I always can.”

This was Jey Mammón’s return to Argentina

He the driver returned to the country after twelve days in Madrid, Spainwhere he went after being publicly denounced by Lucas Benvenuto, who accused him of sexual abuse.

Jey Mammon.  Photo: Movilpress

Jey Mammon. Photo: Movilpress

He arrived in the country at dawn on this Monday, around 4 in the morning., and did so on a commercial flight. Despite the time chosen, probably to avoid problems with people at the airport, the press was waiting for him.

as far as he could tell clarionin conversation with the cell phone show partnerswhich covered the artist’s arrival in Ezeiza, Mammón said that he didn’t flee Argentina but that it took him a few days to clear his head and that today he doesn’t have a lawyer but wants to clarify everything once and for all.

Source: Clarin

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