Dylan Mulvaney: the emerging trans star that everyone is talking about in the United States

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America is in turmoil. AND it’s all thanks to Dylan Mulvaney, who at just 26 years old is the new favorite image of companies to advertise their products. Mulvaney is transgender and many can’t stand it.

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Mulvaney, who transitioned from a boy to a girl in early March 2021, won over a million dollars with endorsements including fashion and beauty brands such as Kate Spade, Ulta Beauty, Haus Labs and CeraVe, as well as Crest and InstaCart.

The rising star, who annoys a part of the American population so much, breaks it on social media. Only on TikTok has over 10 million followers.

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And its popularity is growing day by day. In March he appeared in “The Drew Barrymore Show“, where the famous actress hugged her and then knelt before Mulvaney In praise.

Dylan Mulvaney breaks into the networks and brands look for her to sponsor their products.

Dylan Mulvaney breaks into the networks and brands look for her to sponsor their products.

Mulvaney too met with the president Joe Biden in the White House no less.

“Mister President, this is my 221st public transition day”, Mulvaney told Biden speaking with him during what was billed as a “presidential forum”.

“God loves you”, Biden replied, also surrendering at the feet of the influencer.

She was received by President Biden at the White House.

She was received by President Biden at the White House.

Mulvaney has managed to capitalize on the immense popularity he has on social media and in business, who want to convey diversityThey are desperate to have it.

Incredible backlash

But not everyone wants it. Many, who seem to long for times of bans and slavery, cannot accept that a trans person is successful or just visibility, anything can be; and the reactions are very violent.

One brand of beer put it on cans.

One brand of beer put it on cans.

The American media report it the hatred that Mulvaney arouses part of the population increases as it gains more and more attention.

When Nike announced that Mulvaney would be the model for its women’s sportswear, ‘heaters’ they called it a “slap in the face.”

And the anger has increased even more when the brand of beer Gem Light put your face in beer cans. That resulted in a boycott which included joining celebrities, such as artists Travis Tritt and Kid Rock, among others.

The latter went further and posted a video on Twitter showing Shoot some cans of Bud Light. “Let me say something to all of you and be as clear and concise as possible,” Rock says in the video. He then takes a semi-automatic rifle and shoots several crates of beer.

Dylan Mulvaney breaks into the networks and brands look for her to sponsor their products.

Dylan Mulvaney breaks into the networks and brands look for her to sponsor their products.

A rich and powerful family

Dylan is from a family from San Diego, California with lots of money and power. And she has your unconditional support.

His grandfather, James Mulvaney Sr., who died at the age of 87 in 2010, was lawyer, investment banker and president of the San Diego Padres baseball team.

Mulvaney Sr. worked for controversial financier and industrialist C. Arnholt Smith at Westgate Corporation, which was an early supporter of Richard Nixon and a friend of the mobsters like Moe Dalitz.

Smith’s empire collapsed in 1973 when his bank, the US National Bank, which Mulvaney Sr. presided over for some timecollapsed.

At the time, The Wall Street Journal called the banking meltdown a “the largest in the nation’s history”.

Dylan’s father, meanwhile, James Jr., one of Mulvaney Sr.’s seven children, he is a philanthropist from the San Diego area known for baking and giving out free cookies.

He makes 500 cookies a week and has never sold any.Dylan once explained. “He only gives them to random strangers on the street or at the beach.”

Dylan’s uncle Brian told The Post that the family “love her.” “We always knew he was gay,” he said. “She She comes from a good family who loves and supports her.. He really loved her grandmother, who was completely supportive.”

Music, acting and the pandemic

dylan Graduated from the University Conservatory of Music from the University of Cincinnati and studied acting from a young age.

Also in 2009 had a role on Broadway and won Best Broadway Children’s Singer at the Hollywood Best New Talent Awards.

And he continued to play small roles in plays on Broadway until the covid pandemic hit. “When the pandemic came I was starring in the Broadway musical ‘Book of Mormon,’” he said.

Since the work has been suspended, Dylan lost his job and nothing to do. So, he turned to networks despite his initial reluctance with that fast-paced world.

I found myself out of work and without the creative means to do what he loved,” Dylan explained.

“I downloaded TikTok, assuming it was an app for kids. Once I came out as a woman, I made a funny video of the “My first day as a girl“. And it exploded. Really I don’t know of another place on the internet like TikTok that can make a creator grow at the rate he does.”

dylan has a powerful team behind it It’s hers that helps garner attention in her own way: She’s represented by Creative Artists Agency and sometimes works with the Trevor Project, the well-funded and influential non-profit created in 2016 for LGBTQ+ youth.

Companies like Anheuser-Busch, which owns Bud Light, are among the many companies, from Pfizer Until Coca Colawho support influential people from so-called “underprivileged communities” to perform well in something called the CEI, or Corporate Equality Index.

The CEI is overseen by controversial and influential people Human rights campaignwhich puts pressure on the LBGTQ+ community, especially transgender people.

Dylan, what identifies as queershe expresses her desire to find a relationship and wants to forget some bad experiences from her past.

“I feel like I’ve got a new perspective on some of those negative experiences I’ve had romantically,” she says. “AND I want to get it right this time.”

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