Beatings, home burglaries and pepper spray: Cinthia Fernández was involved in a scandalous complaint

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In American breakfast (America, Monday-Friday at 10:30) has released the details of the scandalous situation involving Cinthia Fernández in a violent fight with her neighbors of a private neighborhood of Escobar.

According to what the rapporteur Carlos Monti said this Monday in the morning cycle led by Pamela David, the conflict became known when The media filed a complaint with the site guard where he lives with his three daughters because three men they had knocked on the door of his house.

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Therefore, the administrators of the neighborhood where the ex Matías Defederico lives have released a statement in which they tell what happened and clarify that During this brawl, she approached the house of neighbors who were celebrating a birthday and pepper sprayed the place.. There were minors and also a pregnant woman.

Cinthia Fernández filed a counter-complaint after being accused by her neighbors.  Television capture

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Cinthia Fernández filed a counter-complaint after being accused by her neighbors. Television capture

Once this attack took place, according to the neighborhood authorities, they had to evacuate the house due to the effects of the chemical on the guests present.

Monti added it the father of one of the minors, a certain Rivas, denounced the former candidate for deputy before Justice for throwing pepper spray at his son. While another speaker, Gustavus Grabia, spoke of a counter complaint by Cinthia Fernández.

The journalist provided the details of the complaint filed by Charis’ mother, Bella and Francesca for “trespassing on the house by some teenagers”. “One of the daughters was at the window and she saw everything,” the police specialist revealed.

“Believing there were criminals inside the house, Cinthia came out with pepper spray to defend herself” This is what appears in the complaint, according to the rapporteur. Subsequently, this information was confirmed by the Fernández’s lawyer, Roberto Castillo: “He believed that a group of thieves wanted to enter his house.”

“I’m talking to her, she tells me it’s very long, that she has already reported and that she will testify, He hasn’t slept in three days, so it has nothing to do with what the security guys said.”information added Natalie Weber.

“The first thing Cinthia did when she heard a knock on the door, which sounded like an explosion, was lock his daughters in a room and go out to see what was going on,” Monti said.

Source: Clarin

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