Wanda Nara left the crisis behind and revealed the reasons why she returned with Mauro Icardi

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After so many twists and turns, Wanda Nara reconciled with Mauro Icardiwhat days ago did he visit her Master Chef Argentina (Telefe, Sundays at 10.30pm and Mondays to Thursdays at 10.45pm), where once again both publicly appeared as a couple, after overcoming several storms, which began with the scandalous affair the footballer had with Eugenia “China” Suárez, in mid-2021.

in dialogue with intruders (America, from Monday to Friday at 13:00), the presenter referred to the reasons why she made the decision to return with the Galatasaray footballer and father of her daughters Isabella and Francesca Icardi.

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“I’m very well, I work a lot. I’m very happy”first highlighted Wanda, currently based in Argentina.

So, about her appearance as host of chef, something that even earned him the praise of Ricardo Darín, Wanda expressed: “I still have a lot to do, I still have a lot of nerves. But I have wanted to ride for many years. And well, this project was given. I’ve always seen chef, So being a part of it is great for me.”

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Mauro Icardi visited Wanda Nara in "MasterChef".

Mauro Icardi visited Wanda Nara in “MasterChef”.

“I watch the show every night with my kids. We watch it all the time. I like it. I feel that with each passing chapter I get to see a little more of Wanda, which is what the channel wanted too”he added, self-criticism with his work in the program that he shares with Damián Betular, Donato de Santis and Germán Martitegui.

As for Icardi’s participation in the culinary contest, the presenter stressed that it was her idea. “I told him I would like her to be in the program for a while. First she said yes, then no and yes again. He doesn’t really like it, but hey, he did it for me, because he knew it was nice for me, it was important that our kids could see both of us.”he stressed about the dialogue he had with his partner.

Wanda Nara spoke about her reconciliation with Mauro Icardi.  Catch TV.

Wanda Nara spoke about her reconciliation with Mauro Icardi. Catch TV.

Subsequently, Wanda punctually reported her reconciliation with Icardi. “We’re fine. Well… he insisted a lot and did a lot. Mauro is a very good person. He’s an excellent father and all of this adds up”he expressed.

“I’m very family, so I will always fight for the family to be together”she added, clarifying the reasons why she made the decision to give the relationship a new chance.

Wanda Nara commented on the arrival of Marcelo Tinelli on América TV

For her part, the mother of Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, fruit of her relationship with the former footballer Maxi López, referred to the arrival of her friend Tinelli at América TV, where she will work as artistic director and also as host of her classic cycle ShowMatch/Dance.

“I’m very happy for him. I told him. He deserves it. I think he will give America what it needs. He’s a big businessman with an open mind, where he goes he has a magic wand.”Vanda said.

And on the possibilities of participating in the next Dancing, he highlighted: “He knows I’m there and I know he’s there.”

Source: Clarin

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