Banfield won at home against Central Córdoba and Javier Sanguinetti is breathing

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Banfield needed the win. Desperately. Maybe that’s why he ended up clinging to the resistance of his centre-scorers. After three games, he celebrated in front of his people. And Javier Sanguinetti, a kidney man who was beginning to be looked at with contempt, breathed a sigh of relief. Not only for its continuity, which, like that of any neighbor’s child, is linked to results; also because he beat a direct rival for permanence.

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Sanguinetti has made some nominal changes. However, the most important change concerned the layout. The 3-5-2 that he designed against the Santiago team gave him more breadth and depth. Even if Juan Bisanz was the most destabilizing. As a second point, he moved along the entire front of attack. And he was fundamental in the three most important games of the first phase. Also, Agustín Rodríguez, who started as an inside midfielder but was very touching when he turned left.

The first penalty left many doubts. Rodríguez overflowed, Gonzalo Goñi cleared incorrectly, the ball bounced off Eric Remedi and when he wanted to clear again, Bisanz collapsed in front of him. Darío Herrera, very close, claimed the central scorer’s infringement. Andrés Chávez took charge of the shot and covered Marcos Ledesma. On the rebound, with the bow at the mercy, he defined badly.

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The second penalty admits no discussion. It was clumsy by Fabio Pereyra, who was also trying to repel. He took Rodriguez. And Bisanz achieved what Chávez could not. With a bombardment in the middle of the goal, he beat Ledesma and Banfield took the lead.

Central Córdoba arrived at Peña y Arenales on a 4-1-3-2 that showed little resources in attack, beyond a few crosses or crosses that did not disturb Facundo Cambeses. He didn’t kick on goal in the first phase. And it didn’t end up 2-0 down because Bisanz started early when Chávez left him face to face with Ledesma.

In the second half, Leonardo Madelón moved the bank. Banfield dispensed the ball directly. He regrouped behind and gave ownership to Central Córdoba (61% overall). However, despite the good income from Lucas Besozzi, he didn’t weigh in the Cambeses area. Jesús Soraire missed the equalizer in front of goal.

Eventually, Horacio Tijanovich nearly rose after a fine cross past Nicolás Sosa Sánchez. Ledesma prevented it by pure reflex. And celebrated Banfield. In the end. Will it be the starting point for your recovery?

Source: Clarin

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