Analía Franchín confessed to a controversial participation in the school mom’s chat

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Analia Franchin surprised with an anecdote he told in the program Barbarossa (Telefe, from Monday to Friday at 9.30) on a very suggestive participation he had in a “mother’s chat” in the school attended by his son Benicio.

“Speaking of the new schools… Kids can’t keep secrets now. I and I had to solve it alone…”, the speaker introduced the topic in the cycle led by Georgina Barbarossa.

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And then he complained to the air: “Now the parents have the device where you enter with a password and see everything the kid has done, even if he farted during recess. What has been removed, what has not been removed. It’s not good”.

It was then that Noe Antonelli, partner of the panel of Analía, accused her: “Analía has teachers and professors on WhatsApp.”

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“I have the numbers. I came one day to talk to the master of the school”, Franchín justified himself.

Analía Franchín surprised with an anecdote that she told in "A la Barbarossa" (Telefe).

Analía Franchín surprised with an anecdote that she told in “A la Barbarossa” (Telefe).

Next, Analía told an anecdote about a situation she had found herself in during the pandemic when her son was in seventh grade and taking tests online.

“A school situation caused me anxiety that I won’t count on not exposing my son, any more than I do. Well, I tell it because it’s over: I called the school, it was a pandemic. They were doing a test online and there were several of his classmates who turned off their cameras,” he shot.

“I wanted him to really learn and not have the parents test the kids. So I called management like crazy… It made me feel helpless, you know? Because I didn’t want anyone to copy me. I called crying sitting on the toilet.The kids turn off the camera and the teachers do nothing,” I complained. It annoyed me that they weren’t paying attention.”she continued, revealing her revealing attitude.

And he recalled: “The director’s secretary, Silvina, took care of me. I’m Benicio’s mother.’ The director called me and said ‘it’s not good that you start evaluating what the professors do'”.

After hearing Franchín’s unusual reaction, it was Nancy Pazos who tried to analyze it: “One of the functions of parents is to try as much as possible to separate themselves from the sensitivity that the boy may have. In this case you’ve turned into a seventh grader competing with your peers, because the parents of your child’s classmates took the test and since you didn’t want to or couldn’t do it, you felt distressed…”.

Nancy Pazos questioned Analía Franchín's methods of handling her son's exams.  Television capture

Nancy Pazos questioned Analía Franchín’s methods of handling her son’s exams. Television capture

“No, I didn’t want to. I just wanted the teacher to be attentive. The parents of my son’s classmates don’t interest me,” Franchín shouted. “Your thing, Analía, is worrying”concluded Georgina Barbarossa, joking.

The vibrational therapy that attends Analía Franchín

Journalist Analía Franchín said she does different types of therapy. In all, three. And she explained: “Besides going to a psychologist and a psychiatrist who give me medication, I also do vibration therapy with Patricia. Going with her is a one-way trip, it’s the best.”

And he explained: “She works with my other psychologists. She was a doctor. Patricia was a psychologist who worked traditionally and then she studied psychiatry and realized that things were coming from another place. He’s someone you talk to a lot and puts your body to the test.”

“It’s really amazing, because it depends on the area you have, better or worse, the whole hand plays for her. Every time I go to Patricia’s, after two or three days, almost every time I get out of there I have a physical manifestation or feel that I get cold sores or a rash or it crumbles, so you can relax…”, he highlighted about the alternative therapy he goes to once a month.

Source: Clarin

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