Did Al Pacino Open Up His Hollywood Career For Harrison Ford?

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He’s about the same age. Al Pacino, about to blow out 83 candles, was born on April 25, 1940. Harrison Ford, on July 13, 1942, turns 80. What unites the actor The Godfather AND snake with the of the wanted and the Indiana Jones movies?

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It’s not the Oscar Pacino won for Women’s perfume -the only one he got among the 9 nominations he has to his credit-, because Harrison Ford he barely had a nomination, for Best Actor, for witness in danger (1985).


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Al Pacino, as Michael Corleone, in "The Godfather", and Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, in "Star Wars", which premiered in Argentina.

Al Pacino, as Michael Corleone, in “The Godfather”, and Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, in “Star Wars”, which premiered in Argentina.

Pacino gave a speech this week, Wednesday, in New York, and without going any further, he broke the news: “I gave Harrison Ford a career”.


the actor he was Scarface he recalled that he was offered the role of Han Solo in the former Star Wars (Star Wars), published in 1977. “Well, I declined Star Wars. I was the new kid then, you know what happens when you first get famous. And it’s like, ‘Give it to Al’. They would give me Queen Elizabeth to play her,” Pacino said.

“They gave me a script called Star Wars… They offered me a lot of money. I didn’t understand why. I read it… So I said I couldn’t do it. I gave a jolt to Harrison Ford.”

Al Pacino had just received an all-time nomination

Al Pacino had just received an Oscar nomination for “Dog Afternoon” when he said no to George Lucas.

Pacino had already put together some later hits, such as panic in the park, The Godfather, Scarecrow, snake, The Godfather II AND canine afternoon. when they offered Star Wars, already had four Oscar nominations, three for lead actor. Surely it would have been a turning point in his career to be part of the intergalactic saga, but adventure cinema, after so many award-winning dramas, in a period like the 70s in the United States, did not seem appealing.

So Pacino’s career didn’t suffer or plummet from not flying the Millennium Falcon, but Ford’s soared to stratospheric heights. With George Lucas he had already worked American graffitiand with the exception of a piece of paper in The conversationby Francis Ford Coppola, his were the participations in individual episodes of TV series, such as Kung Fu, iron side, Petrocelli OR youth patrolin some without even appearing in the credits.

Harrison Ford in Peter Weir

Harrison Ford in Peter Weir’s Witness in Peril, his only Oscar nomination.

Ford was looking Star Wars In Apocalypse now, Force Navarone 10 and in the 80s he had practically one hit a year: The empire strikes again, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner, return of the jediYOIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, witness in danger, The Mosquito Coast, frantic search, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade AND presumed innocent.

What’s more: in May at the Cannes Film Festival will be the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Call of Fatewhere we will see him again with the hat and perhaps the whip he first wielded 42 years ago.

Then, in the prologue of "The predators of

Indi, in the prologue of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” by Steven Spielberg. Bring the fifth (and final?) Indiana Jones film to Cannes.

Pacino’s case is a little different. Perhaps the former Carpenter star will continue to appeal to audiences of all ages, and Pacino, well, now appeals more to viewers who aren’t millennials or centenarians.

Pacino continued to make TV, a medium Ford didn’t want to return to until Taylor Sheridan (writer of Hitman AND Nothing to loose) proposed 1923, a spin-off of yellowstonethe series with another film actor who ended up in the series, Kevin Costner.

With Robert De Niro in one of his last appearances, for a screening of "Fire Against Fire" at the TriBeCa Festival.  photo of

With Robert De Niro in one of his last appearances, for a screening of “Fire Against Fire” at the TriBeCa Festival. photo by AFP

Memories of “The Godfather”

Pacino, in that presentation also said that he had recently met again The Godfather after not seeing her for 25 years. And she told an anecdote. While filming the classic mobster, Francis Ford Coppola asked to meet him one evening after filming at a restaurant where the director was having dinner with his family. “I walked in and he said, ‘You know? I had a lot of faith in you. And you’re failing me,'” Pacino said.

“Go to Paramount,” Coppola told him.

After seeing the footage of what had been filmed up to that point, Pacino understood the problem. In the film’s early scenes, the studio was unaware of her inner journey to Michael Corleone.

“I wanted to come out of nowhere and, at the end of the film, create some sort of puzzle,” Al now says. “His transition is what interested me and I thought I couldn’t save it. After the first day of shooting, Diane Keaton and I got drunk. We thought, ‘This is it, our careers are over.'”

Michael and Vito Corleone.  Pacino at Paramount almost got kicked out of

Michael and Vito Corleone. Pacino at Paramount almost got kicked out of ‘The Godfather’. In the photo, with Marlon Brando.

But what kept him in the film? “The scene from Solozzo, where Michael shoots the cop. Coppola insisted because he thought Paramount was going to fire me,” Pacino said. “And I do the scene, they liked it, and they kept me because I shot someone.”

For more information, said only “half” of The offerthe Paramount series about the making of The Godfatherit was true.

They’re two stars, if my memory serves me right, they never crossed paths in the same film, but one gave the other a chance. I don’t think Harrison ever thanked Al.

Source: Clarin

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