Platinum Awards 2023: all the winners

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Best Debut Ibero-American Fiction: 1976by Manuela Martelli.

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Best Female Supporting Performance: Susi Sanchez (per five little wolves).

Best Supporting Male Performance: Luis Zahera (per like beasts).

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best animated film: Eagle and Jaguar, by Mike R. Ortiz.

best original music: Cergio Prudencio (per utama).

Best documentary film: The Padilla caseby Pavel Giroud.

best direction: Rodrigo Sorogoyen (for As bestas).

Outstanding Male Performance in a Series: Guglielmo Francella (The one in charge).

Best Female Performance in a Series: Cristina Umaña (per News of a kidnapping).

Best Art Direction: Micaela Saiegh (per Argentina, 1985).

Best assembly direction: Alberto del Campo (per like beasts).

Best Cinematographer: Barbara Alvarez (for Utama).

Best Sound Direction: Aitor Berenguer, Fabiola Ordoyo and Yasmina Praderas (per like beasts).

Cinema and Values ​​Education: Argentina, 1985.

Honor Platinum: Benicio, the bull.

Best Comedy: Official competition, by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat.

Outstanding Creator of a Motion Picture Miniseries or TV Series: Andrés Wood and Rodrigo García (per News of a kidnapping).

(Award still pending)

Source: Clarin

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