Julieta Poggio shared a romantic photo with her boyfriend and denied the rumors of separation

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Crossing Catamarca, Julieta Poggio uploaded a romantic photo with her partner Lucca Bardelli and denied growing split rumors that have surfaced in recent days.

After seeing the finalist of Big Brother at various events, without her boyfriend and accompanied by Daniela Celis and Romina Uhrig, they began to do so the versions that was separate gain strength.

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In fact, she herself confirmed Cut by Lozano (Telefe) that for the moment he will not go to live with Luccaas well as the idea that both had expressed once the reality show ended.

“Now I’m at home, I want to be at home, with my dogs, my family. It’s like right now I think it’s really good for me to have the support of my family and that they accompany me in everything, that they are by my side and that they advise me. For now I’ll stay in my little house,” Julieta said then.

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In that same interview, when asked about her relationship with her boyfriend, she acknowledged that their schedules didn’t match. “Very well. It’s hard because we don’t see each other much“, he answered.

Juliet and Lucca, before she enters the Big Brother House.  instagram

Juliet and Lucca, before she enters the Big Brother House. instagram

But all that was left behind this weekend when the couple took a trip to Catamarcawhere the dancer was present in a bowling alley in the city of Santa María.

Indeed, the actress uploaded a photo with her boyfriend to her social networks in which they are seen very much in love and she too has dedicated romantic words to him.

The romantic photo with which Julieta Poggio denied the rumors of separation.  instagram

The romantic photo with which Julieta Poggio denied the rumors of separation. instagram

“My second”, she wrote in Lucca in a story on her Instagram account, where she is followed by almost two and a half million users. Besides those words, added a heart and an airplane emoticonin reference to the fact that they had made an escape together.

For his part, Bardelli uploaded a video of Juliet and set it to music with a sweet song by the Spanish singer Rels B. The fragment of the song that he chose to dedicate to her said: “Have I never told you about her? It was like, like a sunset, you know? Like seeing the sea after a long time, my home”.

Julieta and Marcos, very close to a party

Rumors of parting were joined by versions of fans who said that they met Giulietta Poggio and Marcos Ginocchio very close in an edition of the Bresh.

Mark and Juliet.  Chirping

Mark and Juliet. Chirping

In the first appearance at that famous winner’s party of Big Brother, the two finalists could be seen dancinghave fun and have a drink.

Even in some photos of both at the party that went viral, to which Juli went without her boyfriend, Twitter users were able to observe that had a sheen on her lips, much like what his former reality partner was using.

Marcos Ginocchio and Juliet Poggio.  Chirping

Marcos Ginocchio and Juliet Poggio. Chirping

This small detail, which has not gone unnoticed by anyone who sends this couple and still dreams of seeing them together, has fueled the versions according to which she could be separated and He returned the illusion to the followers of ‘Marculi’.

Source: Clarin

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