Video: A waterspout has touched the beaches of Miami and a tourist has been trapped inside the phenomenon

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Dozens of people had to flee the beaches of Miami for a water trumpet which moved towards the US coast, landed and continued to advance a little over 50 meters, scattering everything in its path.

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However, a tourist got trapped inside the natural phenomenon did not suffer serious consequences, according to local media. The phenomenon would have been caused after a violent electrical storm that hit the coast of the state of Florida, in the United States, in the beach area called Hollywood Beach. It happened this Friday afternoon.

The images taken from a helicopter of the American chain CBS, impact. especially for the speed in which the waterspout moved, which hardly gave those on the beach time to escape.

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The sequence shows the waterspout forming in the water, but within seconds it moves towards the coastal area. Unpredictably, the meteorological phenomenon he landed and continued forward. All in a matter of seconds.

when you hit the ground he lifted some umbrellas and deckchairs into the airwhile we see that people flee the place for bullfights seeking refuge in the shops of the coastal area, a few meters from the beach.

The power of the wind vortex decreased as soon as it landed, but a tourist got caught in the middle of the phenomenon and ended up on the ground due to the intensity of the wind. He was unharmed and according to US authorities no injuries were reported.

“It was a downpour. It came, it started inside the sea and then it opened up and got to the shore. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been going here for the summer since 1986, but I’ve never seen it in my entire life,” a tourist told local media. NBCMiami.

The climatic phenomenon has been portrayed on social media and more than one testimony has given an account of the panic that the waterspout has generated on the US coasts.

“It was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it, it started in the ocean. And it went in, up to us. When it got to the arena, everything started moving. It was all right but we got pretty scared. I’ve never seen anything like this before,” commented Instagram social network user @AmitraParmi.

What is a waterspout

Waterspouts are similar to tornadoes. The substantial difference lies in its formation, the waterspout does it in water.

Specialists highlighted in local media that it was a tornadic waterspout that developed downwards during a thunderstorm accompanied by strong winds.

Before the whirlwind formed, the local weather service issued a warning for severe wind gusts and the likelihood of a tornado, however, it all resulted in a tornado.

Source: Clarin

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