Mora: from behind the scenes to protagonist and return to Argentina in the midst of success

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Gabriel Armando Mora Quintero, better known simply as blue raspberrymet with enormous success as a producer of hits such as Once and the remix of Flyboth together with Bad Bunny. He is now seeking recognition as a soloist and already has a third album.

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Without a doubt, reggaeton is going through one of its best moments. The urban genre floods the charts of all platforms with millions of views and different names that become stars overnight without much explanation. The Mora case he seems to be one who fits right in with that, but his story proves otherwise.

Mora during Lollapalooza Argentina 2022

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Mora during Lollapalooza Argentina 2022

I didn’t want to be a singer

“I didn’t want to be a singer; I started producing. Trying to avoid it, because it gave me fear and anxiety until one day I rejoiced and it was for the best,” she says in an exclusive talk with clarion.

Mora got his start in what’s known as the big leagues, working with the greatest exponents of the moment: Jhay Cortez, Feid, Eladio Carrión, as well as Bad Bunny. And between sessions she was giving shape to his project.

Judging by her success, she made the right decision, but now she faces a new challenge: conquer the Argentinian public with your show. The appointment will be on October 1 at the Movistar Arena, as part of his “Estela Tour 2023” which will take him through the main cities of Latin America.

Your visit to Lollapalooza Argentina

Mora already had a taste of the fervor of the local public, when he participated in the latest edition of Lollapalooza Argentina. Her presentation was on day 2 of the festival.

“I was a little nervous but because I never came to have my show as such. Thankfully my jitters went away when I got on stage and felt the energy,” she enthuses.

It was a schedule full of different proposals: bands like You Point It To Me and Jane’s Addiction played at the same time, but his summons surprised everyone, himself included.

“Considering there were a lot of big artists singing around the same time as me, I was very surprised by the call. I wasn’t expecting that,” he said.

Quevedo’s presence

Mora surprised local audiences with Quevedo's visit.

Mora surprised local audiences with Quevedo’s visit.

His show at Lollapalooza had one of the surprises of the festival: the presence of the Spanish Quevedo to interpret the BZRP Music Sessions #52which became the most streamed song of 2022.

How did you get this idea?

Quevedo is my friend. I made him the formal invitation and told him if you want we can go to the Lollas, who are in Chile and Argentina, who are next to each other. You’ve never sung there, neither have I. At first he didn’t want to sing the song he has with Bizarrap. I had to give him a little therapy.


-Yes, a therapy session explaining why he had to sing it. I told him, “You’ve never sung it here and if you scramble to sing two songs and you go without singing that song, people are going to be very angry with you, you understand?” It was very strange for him to sing a song by him at one of my shows, but I explained to him that it happens all the time in Puerto Rico.

And in the end everything went well.

-Yes, except that sprained ankle before starting. I arrived, we were going to play basketball backstage because there was a basketball hoop. Quevedo tried to do an NBA flip, he fell and sprained his ankle 30 minutes before we went on stage, so we had to improvise a little bit because his ankle was so big. That’s why in the video he doesn’t jump, but he’s static because he has an ankle bandage.

“Tour of the Estela”

Mora will perform her first concert in Argentina as part of her "Estela Tour"

Mora will perform her first concert in Argentina as part of her “Estela Tour”

“Estela Tour” is the name of the tour that this year will take Mora through Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and our country.

This announcement comes after several milestones from a year of consecration for Mora, with the release of his two most recent albums. For example Microdose has surpassed one billion streams on Spotify since its release in April 2022. The album’s title track, Memoriesearned four platinum certifications.

While, Paradisehis most recent album, has over 500 million streams on Spotify and has been certified gold in Spain, Chile and Colombia.

His followers, his collaborations and the success of his songs prove that Mora is one of the most prolific artists and his show promises to be one of the great events for fans of the urban genre. General tickets for Argentina are now available at

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Source: Clarin

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