Morena Rial’s statement on her father’s complicated state of health

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Morena Rial he used his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than a million followers, for provide details about the complicated state of health of his father Jorge, who had to be rushed to Colombia after suffering from a heart problem.

The news had let it be known, hours earlier, panache angel on his Twitter account. “I received some news that left me in shock,” the driver of THEY (America, 8 p.m.) around midnight Saturday on his Twitter account.

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And he added: “Jorge Rial suffered heart failure during his vacation in Colombia. Their daughters are traveling urgently. critical boxin a country with a precarious health system”.

Furthermore, the journalist had specified that his colleague he had a “history of the heartas it is in the public domain.” And he explained that “his daughters were trying to travel” and ended up catching a dawn flight.

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In this context, and given the immense number of questions she has received from journalists, Morena has expressed herself on her social networks.

“As it is in the public domain, my father suffered a cardiac event and is hospitalized“He began by explaining in a story he uploaded to his Instagram profile.

And he continued: “I ask for your discretion in this matter. With my sister (Rocío) we are traveling in Colombia. We appreciate your concern.”

Morena Rial's communication.

Morena Rial’s communication.

Furthermore, the young woman warned that as soon as they have “more information” they will share it directly with everyone. “Thank you,” she finished.

Meanwhile, in another story, he published a photo in which Rial is seen smoking a cigar while his nephew Francesco kisses him and added: “We love you. That’s how I love you, Dad.”

Another of the publications that Morena Rial has made on Instagram.

Another of the publications that Morena Rial has made on Instagram.

Source: Clarin

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