Guillermo Cóppola spoke about his crossing with China Suárez and recounted how the tense talk he had with her was

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Guillermo Cóppola revealed what the conversation he had with China Suárez was likewho called him after he had spoken intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1 p.m.) about an alleged new relationship between the actress.

“The thing about China is already clear, I didn’t say anything at all, We must refer to what was declared by the presenter of the program (Marcela Tauro, who replaced Florencia de la Ve on Monday), who someone came up to a table where we were talking and made a comment“Said the former representative of Diego Maradona in reference to how was the sequence that was experienced in the study of the famous cycle of America.

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“I said ‘as is’, following in the footsteps of the driver, who is the one who put the matter on the table. and, consequently, cooperating with it, saying absolutely nothing, just that It was a rumor and if there had been a confirmation we would have said it”Guglielmo assured.

"I said it was a rumor," Cóppola said.  Photo: EFE

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“I said it was a rumor,” Cóppola said. Photo: EFE

Also, about what happened on the floor of intrudersexpressed: “As Marcela (Toro) said, a gentleman approached the table, an older gentleman, and asked Marcela if she knew anything about the subject and that’s how he treated it, as if it were a rumor and we confirm it like this, that is, as a rumor. And I added: ‘He traded youth for experience’, because it was about a great man. Period, she did not go from there, no way“.

Regarding how he behaves in this kind of situation, he specified: “That’s my whole life style, I don’t talk about others if it’s not with the truth”.

“I already clarified it to her as well (for China) and for reference you can ask one of your children’s parents They know me well and will tell them who I am,” added the businessman, referring to Nicolás Cabré and Benjamín Vicuña, parents of Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio.

"He called well," Cóppola said of the tone China Suárez used when making the request.  Photo: EFE

“He called well,” Cóppola said of the tone China Suárez used when making the request. Photo: EFE

He called correctly, he called correctly in response to the doubt that arose from what I said”.Finally, he described the tone in which China spoke to him and announced that he will travel to Europe to see the Copa del Rey final on Saturday May 6 in Seville and the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday May 17. May in the city Manchester English.

What was the rumor that angered China Suárez?

In intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1pm), Marcela Tauro, presenter of the cycle replacing Florencia de la Ve, assured that the alleged new boyfriend of the actress “is almost 60 years old”.

Guillermo Cóppola was in "Intruders" and talked about La China Suárez.  Catch TV.

Guillermo Cóppola was in “Intruders” and talked about La China Suárez. Catch TV.

Given these versions, Guillermo Cóppola, host of the programme, assured: “China has exchanged youth for experience… But this is a small rumor, I’m not sure.”

These statements in the American cycle have reached the ears of Nicolás Cabré’s ex, who did everything to deny it on her Instagram account, where she is followed by more than 6 million users.

The download of La China Suárez on Instagram.

The download of La China Suárez on Instagram.

“On a TV show, a guest allegedly confirmed that I was dating a 60-year-old man. I won’t name it but I called him on the phone, because that’s how I behave, and I asked him why he was insuring things about my life without knowing me”, La China began his leave, stating that he had spoken to Cóppola.

Plus, he added, making his anger clear: “He told me that he knows absolutely nothing about my life and that he has followed the subject so as not to make a bad impression. Happy Labor Day, except for those who hide behind their “job” to ruin the lives of others.”

Source: Clarin

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