‘Argentine Gypsy bastard’ and ‘Belgrade Hell’: after pitched battle, Serbian Partizan receive Deck’s Real Madrid in a climate of threats

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The preview says it all. Stadium Stark Arena It will be the venue for an event that does not promise a happy ending, but in which all eyes of world basketball will be focused. The saves and statements suggest the level of tension that exists in the hours preceding the match corresponding to the third game of the basketball Euroleague quarterfinals between real Madrid AND Partizan of Serbia. The arrival of the Spaniards in Belgrade went smoothly, but every step they have to take is done with painstaking care. The Serbian fans have already marked the territory and the sporting event is not guaranteed to develop normally, given what happened in the second matches marked a before and after in defining the series that will give a place to the semifinals. Even the Argentine Gabriel Deck has already been reported as one of the main targets by Partizan fans.

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The hell of Belgrade“, headlines the Spanish sports press in the event that takes the cover of the European country’s newspapers. The pitched battle produced a week ago for the second duel of these quarterfinals and which led to his suspension one minute from the end With 40 seconds to play, sealed the fate that the rest of the series will suffer.

No sleep“, expressed one of the many parades that were hung on the Serbian bridges along the route that Real Madrid had to take to get to the hotel where they are concentrating, about 20 minutes walk from the stadium. The merengue team had to stay away from the center of the Serbian capital of Belgrade to avoid possible conflict situations generated by the residents. The climate alludes to the social atmosphere that Brazilians usually cause in the decisive stages of the Copa Libertadores. artifice that did not let visitors sleep.

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In addition to having messages for the entire Spanish squad, there was also a specific one for Santiago’s Gabriel Deck. “Argentine gypsy bastard“, they cataloged second place in the world with the Argentine national team with another save. This is because the former NBA player was one of the protagonists of the dispute generated in the last game.

The authors of the fashion shows would have already recognized those responsible. These would be members of an anti-fascist group called Grobari, who are characterized by their tenacity and their direct allusion to the “diggers”. Nearly 20,000 spectators will have the task of keeping the tension generated by the Serbian group in suspense or letting it go to enjoy the sporting event.

The Stark Arena, the epicenter of a possible early Euroleague final.  Photo: Eurohoops.

The Stark Arena, the epicenter of a possible early Euroleague final. Photo: Eurohoops.

Given the atmosphere prevailing in Belgrade a few hours before the match, where nothing promises that no accidents will occur, it prompted the Euroleague authorities to clarify that total safety is required in their protocol. Stadium authorities also confirmed that if anything serious were to happen and the series had to be extended to a fourth match, it would be played behind closed doors.

We have to go back a week to know in detail the reason for the Serbian fury. This whole situation broke out exactly on the Spanish night of April 27, when during the last quarter there was a brawl between the two teams that had no end. As Partizan led Real Madrid by a combined score of 95-80, players from the two clubs began to push each other..

As the referees blew their whistle to try and stop the situation, Deck was already caught in the verge of crossing shots against some rivals. This is how the match was abandoned with just two minutes left and led the Serbs to extend the series to 2-0. There are many reasons to see it as a final for those who will be local this afternoon.

Both the owners and the substitutes joined the crossing generated, even immediately we began to see women on the pitch who seemed to be the wives of the protagonists of the scene. Violence took over the sporting event, which ended up being sidelined in the face of chaos that was impossible to manage.

The commotion was so great that the French Guerschon Yabuseleof Real Madrid, knocked the Australian down dante exum in a fighting action. This player also ended up getting a shove, a hit, and a neck grab from Deck.

Until the moment disaster struck, Deck had played 30 minutes in which he scored 8 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and stole a ball. Likewise, the Argentine player ended up apologizing on his social networks for the events that had him as one of the protagonists of him. “I’m sorry for what happened in yesterday’s match, it’s something that shouldn’t happen again. I apologize to my club, the members of Partizan and the fans of both teams“, posted the former San Lorenzo.

Despite the preview promoted by the Serbian fans, the Partizan coach, Zeljko Obradovictried to calm things down so that the event would not be suspended again due to any situation: “We will play the next match with a full stadium and I will try to calm everyone down and that Real Madrid will be well received; we have to stop talking about this so sad and talk about basketball“.

Gabriel Deck in the middle of pitched battle.  Photo: Tyc Sport.

Gabriel Deck in the middle of pitched battle. Photo: Tyc Sport.

Starting this Tuesday from 15:30 in Argentina, the truth will be known about the continuation of the quarter-final series that may be remembered for a long time. Real Madrid will try to carry everything to the fourth game, while the Serbs want to get rid of the discomfort felt by eliminating the Spaniards 3-0.

Source: Clarin

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