Jorge Rial’s new official medical report: “Major heart injury”

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George Rial He is still having a difficult time with his health but is evolving favorably after a heart failure he suffered this weekend in Colombia, while on vacation.

After the emergency surgery, in which a stent was inserted, in the last few hours They revealed the details of his latest medical report.

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It was Ángel de Brito who shared the detailed information via his Instagram account: “Today’s report: lucid. Favorable evolution of parameters. Strict observation and control. Large cardiac lesion”.

Ángel de Brito shared Jorge Rial's new medical report.

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Ángel de Brito shared Jorge Rial’s new medical report.

In turn, the reporter confirmed that the driver of Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 15:30) will remain hospitalized in Bogotá, the Colombian capital, and will not return to the country in the coming days, as reported: “There will be no transfers this week.”

For his part, the entertainment journalist’s personal doctor, Dr. Guillermo Capuya, has decided to travel to Colombia and will accompany Jorge closely with the following from his treatment at this delicate moment for his health.

Capuya, hours before the medical report, had already predicted that Rial would recover “favorably” with the passing of the hours and confirmed that “he will soon be able to return to Argentina”. It is estimated that it will be in the first days of next week.

Jorge Rial suffered from a complex heart problem in Colombia and is still being treated in a clinic in Bogotá.

Jorge Rial suffered from a complex heart problem in Colombia and is still being treated in a clinic in Bogotá.

“I was in the room with him chatting for a long time. Later I spoke to the doctors who are treating him. Now I’m going to the hospital again to start thinking about my return, what day it will be. It’s not like he’ll be back on a stretcher, but in a week, he could go back to Buenos Aires,” Capuya confirmed to C5N.

In addition, he told the details of the operation in which the historic presenter took part intruders: “He’s in a coronary unit so he’s under more stringent treatment, with multi-parameter controls, but yesterday we talked about transferring him to a common room to then be discharged and return to Argentina. To bring serenity to the people who love him, it’s very good “.

“During his hospitalization in Colombia, Jorge had an episode of low blood pressure and after his studies, they made a catheter and put in a stent because there was an obstruction in some arteries and the problem was solved,” explained the Jorge’s personal doctor.

And he highlighted the care Jorge has received since his cardiac episode: “He is being treated in a first class clinic and with incredible care.”

Ángel de Brito has revealed the details of the critical moment that Jorge Rial has gone through

the driver of THEY (America, from Monday to Friday at 20:00) It was he, after the first data arrived from Colombia, who described in detail the critical situation that Rial has experienced.

Jorge Rial had to withdraw before his radio cycle.  Video capture.

Jorge Rial had to retire before his radio cycle. Video capture.

“The medical team managed to revive him after going through a dramatic situation, but they pulled him out. They revived him, removed him from the frame and intubated him. You have to wait for the evolution, they tell me about the clinic”de Brito said.

And he assured: “Rial had a pre-infarction and they managed to revive him. What is a Pre-Heart Attack? Pre-heart attack occurs when there is a malfunction of the heart muscle known as the myocardium. In general, this failure generates quite severe chest pain. It is because the heart is not getting enough blood, so it is not pumping the same amount to the rest of the body.

Then, he indicated what was the first part of Rial: “Acute myocardial infarction. Ventricular tachycardia. He was reborn. He was intubated. Cardiac catheterization. And now he is stable. Waiting for its evolution”.

“The most complicated thing was the ventricular tachycardia which led to cardiac arrest (it is one of the causes of sudden death). It is one of the most serious arrhythmias”concluded DeBrito.

Source: Clarin

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